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Slightly enhanced duck image

The temptation to use digital photo editing toys is even greater when you can see how an average image comes alive with a little time, talent, and the right combination of software programs, (Apps).  The original duck picture, taken Sunday at the Rubber Ducky Derby, was dull and muddy, losing the personality of the duck that was swimming around checking me out as I stood on the boat dock.

The original is upper left

Altered versions were made using Color Splash Studio, HDRtist, and a very handy app called LinesmART. Then ImageTricks Pro was used to blend combinations of those 4 images with additional variations and transformations into one final image.

Then it was time to ‘pump up’ the image to blog publishing quality with Preview, finally resizing all the images for this post with another little App called ResizeIt to make them a suitable size for uploading to Google Docs. After writing, editing, doing the page design, copying and pasting it into the Blogger editor, making a few formatting changes, and publishing to Blogspot, we have the perfect duck picture at the top of the page for you to see.

More Image Fun

This plant by the Treehouse sign has been the subject of many pictures this year. I found it attractive today as the balls on stems reached out of the shade toward the bright blue sky. I did a little adjusting here and there to get the image to convey how it looked to me when I took the picture.

Natural Is Good, Too

One of my favorite moments in viewing the results of a shoot, is when the light, the settings, the depth of field, and the colors form a perfect picture that requires little, or no adjustment. This little rose is today’s example of everything working together to produce the ‘perfect’ picture.

More Artistry

There are 5 blended altered images used to get the look I wanted in this picture of Mt Lassen and the ridges of rising foothills leading to it.

Wary Jay

This blue jay had an attitude that is better illustrated now that the image has been altered by a hand full of Apps. Just a few Apps were blended to get the scrub jay to stand out.

These flowers looked pretty good just plain, but I thought I would see what a little playing around would produce, an I am glad I did.

Subtle Enhancement

The first image, (left), is the original. It’s a nice shot, but with a little help, it could be a good portrait. 3 different Apps were used to create the center image. The first 2 images were then blended to create the more lively final image on the right.

Oleander Extract Abstract

Then there are some pictures where I see just a portion that somehow speaks to me and asks that I take it to another dimension, so I crop it and transform a piece of leaves and blossom into an image that engages my eye and imagination.

The song today is in black and white, but it is relative in it’s own ways.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Many Viewpoints Blended

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