Friday, August 8, 2014

As The Smoke Dissipates


Where exactly does it go?

Deeper Color.jpg
Morning glory tree climber

Some of the particles fall while the lighter bits are scattered by the winds. Eventually the smoke is on the land, in the water and part of the air we breathe as long as we live.

Because our forests are used to make money, we have overlooked the compositional balance that allowed forests to flourish for eons. The lumber companies have cultivated thousands of square miles of single species timber plantations that are defenseless when it comes to fire, disease, or infestation.

The Gangs All Here.jpg
Didn’t see the butterfly when I took this pic

I think what is tickling my grey matter is how we manage to ignore some of the basic laws of nature and science. I guess it was the smoke from forest fires that triggered this far reaching tirade. We, meaning humanity, have been contributing to the perpetual accumulation of aerosols and debris without a clue as to their disposition. Nor do we have any real plan for ending our traditional methods of farming, forestry, industry or the disposal of the waste those enterprises produce.

The Beginning.jpg
Headwaters of the Sacramento river

When humans numbered less than a billion, our rude behavior and our garbage was dispersed by this big beautiful being we call earth. She, (Mother Earth), could clean up even after our pigsty lifestyles soiled her.

Could Be It.jpg
Still some colorful roses at the Treehouse

Now we are 7 billion and still mindlessly casting trash to the wind as well as on water and land as if there is some planetary department of sanitation tidying up after us. Wow, what staggering stupidity. It boggles the mind.

Shasta Sweetpea.jpg
Do these sweet peas look like they are praying?

What will we eat when food will no longer grow? GMO crops? I don't think so.

It’s not the eating of GMO’s that are the biggest threat to life, it’s the millions of tons of poisonous herbicides that are used to grow them. Herbicides like Roundup are accumulating on land and in our water, creating dead zones and a lack of natural vegetation that is adversely affecting the world’s food chain. There is no plan to stop this destructive practice.

This is the kind of toxic trash we dump on our habitat in the 21st century because there is a lot of money involved. I don’t think there is any nutritional value in a pile of money.

I would much rather have a hill of organic beans. They are more easily digested than gold.

Still have apples for pie

On a happier note; The Phil Seymour Band will be playing at the Post Office Saloon and Grill Friday August 8 from 8:30 to 11:30. Great music, good fun and smiles await you there.

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