Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Time Of My Life

Is Always Now

Just as it is for everyone

Nekked Lily_Fotor.jpg
One Pink Lady - Tuesday

There are several sayings about The Now.

Now is the time when things get done is one of my favorites.

Thursday Sunset.jpg
Sunset Wednesday

I am glad to have the circumstances that allow me time and equipment to pursue those things that interest me and satisfy my need for vast amounts of information.

Sundown Ladies.jpg
On Wednesday there are two

I also enjoy creating music and art. The information I collect and the equipment I have at my disposal, make that very satisfying time spent. And, I can share these creations with you.

New Driveway Rose.jpg
New driveway red

It seems to me that there is a different energy that comes to projects that have a deadline than felt on projects that are the result of an overwhelming desire. Both are driving forces that cause dedication to hasten the completion before the passion cools, but the motivation is less artistic and colder when money is involved.

Beetle Banquet.jpg
A beetle enjoys the fresh pink lady

It is all part of the wonderful artistic gifts that were dropped in my lap. I didn’t earn them.

I have spent most of my life compulsively developing the stuff that came in the package called, me. It wasn’t dedication or good study habits that got me to practice the arts and to investigate the sciences, it was and still is, the need for the joy that comes from knowledge, productivity, creating and performing.

White Dwy Rose.jpg
White driveway rose

Whatever I have been specifically given is just a shiny ribbon on the greatest gift of all: Life.

I share the gift of life with birds, beetles, beech trees, and badgers. All things in the universe are gifts of creation. Animal, mineral, or vegetable are all equally important creations. Life is powerful.

Today’s Video;

Art For Art’s Sake

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