Sunday, August 17, 2014

Listening To Music

Just For The Fun Of It


When it comes to music, I am usually playing, singing, writing, rehearsing, recording, performing, or editing tracks for videos and CD’s.


If for some reason I am listening to music played or recorded by someone else, it probably has something to do with a project of some sort. Rarely do I listen to music just for the the heck of it.

Mailroom TV.jpg
Videos featuring Treehouse flora and fauna in the mailroom

Tonight I took some time out from writing and recording the new song, (now titled “Colorful World”), to listen to some 1950’s Jazz with various musicians who were being accompanied by Ray Charles on piano. That was fun. I had some of those records in the 1950’s and would play them over and over until my mother would tell me to turn it off.

Deep In The Bush.jpg
Deep in the bush

Getting the music bug at an early age was such a definitive feature in my life. The greatest gift of all was being given a voice to express the music that is as much a part of me as breathing. I just opened my mouth and my heart would sing.

Turned Out Tasty.jpg
Last week’s pie was one of the best

It took a long time for me to see how the structure of music could be of any value. It seemed like unnecessary busy work that just didn’t interest me. It wasn’t until the 8th grade when two things happened to make me understand the link.

Au Natural.jpg
No FX required

John Bradley and I formed a singing duo with him on guitar and me on bongos. We sang and played at parties and school events. The other awakening occurred in music appreciation class when I played the bass fiddle. It really spoke to me with deep tones that vibrated my body like my voice. Soon I was writing songs and playing every instrument I got my hands on. Later I was a music major in college.

Still Lovely In August.jpg
Still making beautiful roses in August

I seem to have used this blog for it’s intended purpose tonight. As a journal to jot down thoughts and musings that might be handy when writing that book about my life people have suggested I do. I suppose one of these days I will include a few scandalous and extraordinary adventures to spice up a chapter or two.

The ones that made the news were not as dramatic as reported. But they might make some chapters extra scintillating. I will have to think about that for a few more years.

Today’s Video;

Reflection Is Human

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