Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Book Is Not Enough

One Point Of View Is Not Enough

Tonight I have been watching TV news. Many people will have watched their news tonight on just one station. One version of news is not enough. They will not be getting the whole story.

Monday afternoon surveillance aerial acrobatics

Just to put that statement to the test, I watched and read news from Russia, Iran, Italy, England, Qatar, and the U.S. on the internet. All the sources had at least one report regarding the same topics or subjects as the others. Iraq, Ukraine, Missouri police shooting of unarmed teen, fracking expansion and the Palestine - Israel conflict.

Cheap Ice Cream.jpg
Fungus or bad baked Alaska?

International news reports showed a variety of viewpoints and it was good to digest them. I find extensive information a lot more satisfying than simplistic headlines and talking points.

Treehouse figs

CNN and other U.S. news reports seemed fixated on trying to blame Obama for anything and everything. One expert blamed the middle eastern upheavals on Obama for not being a strong enough leader. He blatantly ignored history and created a fantasy world in which national and international troubles all began with President Obama. No one on that show spoke up to say it was implausible unsubstantial nonsense.

Sunday Sunset 3.jpg
Sunset Sunday

Fear, intolerance and belligerence that once was only broadcast on cable news and talk radio can now be seen and heard on CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS, too. Nearly all the media news programs seem like propaganda designed to divide people into opposing camps.

Isn't This Grand?.jpg
Something special here

I don’t need to live like that. There are tools to broaden one’s horizons. I can meditate, take a walk in the park, or just sit by the water and sort things out before taking unmitigated action.

Monday After Music.jpg
Eastern sky on Monday evening

Instead of taking sides it would be better for me to take time to find commonalities that foster understanding and fellowship.( Perhaps learning a more inclusive term than fellowship would be a good start.)

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Cultivate Kindness

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