Saturday, August 2, 2014

Views Of World Events

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There are a lot of events in the news that are being misrepresented in the media that most people in Redding get to see and hear.

Have you ever participated in discussions where someone will make a statement as factual, although they had not personally read the document that supported their point of view. I have learned to ask, “Did you read the report?”

Eventually I discover that it was something they heard on the radio, or cable news. I tell them that we both need to know the facts to have a meaningful discussion and until we do, we are wasting our time.

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I promised myself that I would read reports with verifiable information on some of the current topics that people are talking about.

I researched the history of the Palestine Israel conflict. Here Here and Here It is very complicated, but if one were to pick the bad guy it would be Israel. Their disrespect for the Palestinian people is their main justification for years of atrocious attacks and land grabs.

Our complicity in the murderous actions of Israel is criminal. We are even replenishing Israel’s spent ordinance during the latest ‘ceasefire’. Our involvement has got to end.

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The Malaysian airliner that we are told was shot down by Russian missiles is a story based on unsupported facts and lacks evidence. Still, we are told it was Putin’s fault.

After reading reports from other countries, the verifiable story goes like this;

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“All the eyewitnesses interviewed by the BBC confirmed the presence of a Ukrainian military aircraft flying within proximity of Malaysian Airlines MH17 at the time that it was shot down.” Source

It seems the Ukrainian pilot mistook Malaysian Airlines plane for Putin’s and shot it down. The Malaysian plane and Putin’s plane have similar paint jobs, and Putin’s plane was expected to be in the area. No one seems to know why the Malaysian plane was 600 miles off course and in restricted airspace.

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Can you tell which Republican politicians are ignorant, racist and crazy from those who are just playing to their biggest campaign funders?  Hard to tell, isn’t it?

Walgreens wants to become a Swiss citizen, really. Why? Why pay taxes that support the country that made you rich and powerful?

Now that corporations are people, they can do this kind of stuff.

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On Quora, a question and answer site that I frequent, someone recently asked why right wing talk shows are more popular than liberal talk shows.

The answer that Ken Fishkin gave was perfect. He pointed out that Liberal talk show hosts tell you what you can do to fix problems, while the right wing talk shows tell you to blame something or someone else.

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