Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eye See

The Eye Doc

Amazing Color Red.jpg
Bright colored driveway rose

To be more precise, I saw the eye doctor.

Golden In The Light.jpg
Golden in the light

Now, it is just a matter of the scheduling person calling me to set up a date for cataract surgery.

The Many Faces Of Agapanthus.jpg
Another stage of agapanthus development

The doctor asked if my parents had had cataracts. I told him that my dad mostly owned Fords. I couldn’t help myself. It was really early in the morning and I wasn’t fully functioning. After I rattled off a few more ‘groaners’, spinning “eye”, “cataracts”, “surgery”, and “glasses” into somewhat ‘punny’ one liners, I apologized.

He very likely had heard the same material hundreds of times before.

Yellow Plate Special.jpg
New yellow plate works well for food pix

Some Treehouse internet connections have been intermittent this week. I am not sure of the cause.

At first, it seemed that it could have been the road repair and paving on Lake Blvd. It is not uncommon for jobs like that to knock out the phones or break fiber optic cables, but the problem was day or night and the phone never stopped working.

Then there were AT&T service guys hooking up some new customers this week. They could have inadvertently disturbed the connections.

Or it could be sunspots, solar flares or a squirrel.

Belladonna Lilies.jpg
Colorful Naked Ladies (Amaryllis Belladonna)

I finally called the AT&T support number and they checked the lines for dropped signals and other anomalies. The nice service rep said they would monitor my DSL for 48 hours to see what they could find. By the way, "Would you like to change to the U-Verse service?" “After all”, she pointed out, “AT&T will be discontinuing DSL service soon anyway”.

Kathernus Rosarious.jpg
Nice red rose composition

I said, “No thanks”.

They haven’t received approval from the state of California to discontinue the low cost DSL service that many seniors and low income people depend on for internet access. If and when they do, they are to provide the service for 3 more years after the date of approval. That’s when I will consider other options.

Smoke In The West 2.jpg
Smoke in the western sky

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