Monday, August 11, 2014

Does This Perigee Make Me Look Fat?

And Other Perceptions Examined

Brfore Super.jpg
Saturday moon rising

If you missed the 2 supermoons so far this year, you won't have to wait very long for the next one. September 9 will give you another opportunity to decide if the supermoon looks bigger than those svelte, regular full moons.

Drk Cho Cook-improved.jpg
The tomato fairy baked these for me

Last week I got a chocolate bar, like I do every 2 years. This time I got a dark chocolate bar from Columbia at Trader Joe’s. I broke off a tiny piece. It tasted good, but seemed more like bakers chocolate. I asked my neighbor Jackie if she would like to make cookies with it.

She made chocolate chip cookies and brought me some. I am glad. They are really tasty. I ate one and froze the rest for special occasions. Thank you Jackie.

Still in the pink.jpg
Some roses continue to bloom

Wildfires burning in the North State.

Wondermap Wildfires.jpg
Screen shot from Wundermap

The smoke and clouds from these fires combined with partly cloudy skies to obscure the view of the supermoon and the Perseid meteor showers. It is a good thing I got pictures last night when it was a pretty much super moon.

This is one of the moon pictures I got a bit artistic with;

Night Before Super-improved.jpg
Saturday moonrise enhanced

A funny thing happened while I was out taking pictures this Sunday afternoon. There was something laying in the middle of the Treehouse driveway.

Abandoned Shoe.jpg
Mystery object on driveway

Whatever it was, and from a distance it was hard to tell, it would likely get run over and squashed sitting out in the road. I walked up closer to see if it was a little animal or a leather pouch or what?

Raptured 2.jpg
It was a shoe

I looked all around to see where this shoe may have come from. I even looked up, in case it had been dropped there by a one legged born again end-times rapture person, but there was no one around.

I put the shoe on the curb so it wouldn’t get run over. Just incase the owner suddenly realised they were only wearing one shoe and came back to find it.

Feel Good Composition.jpg
This rose makes me smile

I hope you find magic and beauty in everyday moments whenever possible. It can make life ‘super’.

Today’s Super Video;

Simple Playful Reflections

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