Sunday, August 3, 2014

No Planet Pictures Tonight

Due To Smokey Skies

Wildfire Cloud 4.jpg
The Eiler Fire on Saturday afternoon

There were still some clear skies on Saturday afternoon and one could see smoke from separate fires.

Wildfire Cloud 5.jpg
The Eiler Fire on Saturday afternoon

A comprehensive report from Jefferson Public Radio can be found at their website, HERE.

Fires are burning in Shasta county, Trinity county, Siskiyou county, Modoc county and Mendocino county.

Shasta Clouds 5.jpg
Smoke from Siskiyou county fires Saturday

There are currently several fires in Siskiyou County, including the July Complex, a group of three fires burning a total of just over 5,500 acres southwest of Yreka. They include the Log Fire just a few miles west of Greenview, California near Fort Jones; the Whites Fire, four miles east of Sawyer's Bar; and the Leef Fire, seven miles southwest of Callahan. No containment has been reported. Sunday afternoon, the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office issued an evacuation advisory to residents of Quartz Valley and Mugginsville. - JPR

Shasta Clouds 4.jpg
Mt Shasta and smoke clouds Saturday

There are fires in Oregon as well. One of which is 20 miles from Medford.

On Tuesday I will be going up to Mt Shasta to get a progress report on eye surgery recovery. 

The weather reports indicate thunderstorms. If they are loaded with rain it will be a great help in controlling the many fires that have increased in size and are not contained.

You Lookin At Me?.jpg
“You lookin’ at me?”

The birds are very active in the Redding summer heat. It is a good time for finding a variety of seeds and other treats that the birds enjoy.

Cary's Tire.jpg
Mike Cary’s sign on Lake Blvd

On Friday I took my Buick to Mike Cary to have a gas leak fixed. Mike showed me where the fuel line had cracked, spraying a thin stream of gas on the engine. Mike’s crew members Alex and Kevin installed a fuel line repair kit and I feel a lot safer about traveling.

New August Pie.jpg
New August apple pie

Making your own apple pie is great. Just organic apples and a sprinkle of turbinado raw cane sugar and presto. A healthy, tasty, natural food treat.

Today’s Video;

Singing Can Be Transcending

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