Friday, August 15, 2014

How Does The World Look

An illustrative Blend Of View

Some say the world is black and white

Some see shades of grey

I’m seeing so much color

They chased my fears away

Bad guys don’t think they're wrong

Good guys aren’t always right

There is something good in everyone

Share it and you can end the fight

There is so much more to see with color

That isn’t there in black and white

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That’s how a song begins, sometimes.

John Harrison and I began writing the music a week ago, and today it began taking shape.
The, “black and white, shades of grey, color is a better way” words came along with the music.

I’ve been mulling over the words and decided to write some down.
The words you see above, are rearranging themselves each time I look at them.
This is good. That usually happens when a good set of lyrics is trying to get my attention.

Somehow they will tie to the music and form a spectrum of words and melodies that can fill my mind, (and yours), with colorful thoughts and images. I love this stuff.

Today’s Video;


Spectrum Analysis

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