Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Sunny Day

Open The Sunroof

Just a day after a bit of rain the clouds parted and wandered away leaving blue skies and sunshine over Redding. It was cool enough, (75 - 80), that I even got to open the sunroof on the Hyundai.

Do You Remember Valentina Tereshkova?

The first woman to fly in space

There is a great story with pictures and everything, on you should READ THIS intersting and informative look at history.

Across The River.jpg
View of the Sacramento river on Wednesday

I took the time yesterday to find color and stories to photograph on a dreary day.

Now What?.jpg
Conditions were just ducky for these two

My travels took me to some of my favorite Redding photo hot spots. Like the Sundial Bridge, (although it wasn’t telling time due to inclement weather).

Sundial Bridge.jpg
Wet and glistening

When I zoomed in to the gnomon, I saw that many birds had taken refuge there.

Gnomen Birds.jpg
Hanging out on the gnomon

While at the library, I noticed one bejeweled blooming fortnight lily. It was a spot of color and beauty that demanded to be photographed. So…

Wet Fortnight Lily.jpg
Fortnight lily

With the sunroof open and beautiful weather, running errands today (Thursday) was a breeze. It was so delightful that it didn’t occur to me that a picture or two of this glorious day might be in order.

Besides, yesterday’s rainy day images were all blog sized and waiting to be seen here.

It all works out.

Today’s Video;

Joyful Noise

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