Friday, September 25, 2015

Eclipse Ahead

Rubber Ducky Derby, Too

Eq Moon 1.jpg
Moon on day of equinox

We already had the equinox, (terrific scrabble word), on Wednesday, but somehow I didn’t post the pictures I took that day. It must have been something I read that diverted my attention.

Eq Lassen 3.jpg
Always fun to take pictures of Lassen

Playing at Golden Umbrella. For 5 years my neighbor Doris kept telling me they need me to play there and wake them up. I am a little late in going there. Doris has gone to the dancing/bingo/comedy/party in the sky.

This morning I felt her spirit was with me enjoying the dancing, smiling, people there while I played. It was fun and I will return on October 13.

Eq Moon 4.jpg
Closer look at triple word score moon

This Sunday afternoon is the 26th annual Redding Rubber Ducky Derby. I have a duck in the race. Come on, 02731, I know you can do it. 

If you go there, look for my duck; It’s yellow.

Balloon Trip Painting.jpg
Balloon Trip painting by George Bleich

Regular readers know that I am fortunate enough to have 3 George Bleich paintings. My favorite is the Balloon Trip he painted for Chrissy’s birthday one year. It hangs prominently in my living room. Like most all of George’s paintings, it changes with the light.

One recent morning I looked up and I noticed the shadow of the balloon was glowing in the atmosphere. I tried to capture it without changing the lighting, but his paintings are alive with ambient light and color and don’t wait around for me to get the camera, set it for the conditions, and finally snap a few shots. But, the pic above is close.

New Rose Closer.jpg
New rose this week

When I was watching Pope Francis speak at the White House, I couldn’t help thinking about George. He is a devout Catholic who walks the path of peace, love and understanding. And while seeing the Pontiff on TV, I noticed that in some ways George actually looks like the Pope.

Jackie Pie.jpg
Apple pie from Jackie

The eclipse of the moon will be after sunset this Sunday. It will be nice to get some images that incorporate the feeling of momentary stillness during the time of totality. If I do, you will likely see them here.

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