Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My, How Time Flies!

Wasn’t It September Just Last Year?

Sat Night Full Moon.jpg

I have been taking lots of pictures, but falling behind on blogging them. So, this will be an opportunity to catch up using some that were waiting last week, (month?).

S Rose.jpg
Drought resister

Most of the Treehouse flowers are dried out and wilted, but there are a few that ignore the high temperatures and sparse watering. Some of them, like the rose above, are exceptionally beautiful in spite of, or possibly because of, the desiccating conditions.

Prescription Lens 2.jpg
Think I needed to clean the lens

There were a few nights in a row to watch the moon become a little fuller as the skies became less smoky. I enjoyed the photographic results and uploaded a series to Flickr so you can see them in full resolution THERE.

Dragonflies N.jpg
Dragonflies at sunset

The weekend even provided a brief rain shower at Shasta Lake while I was there on Saturday taking a few pictures. So, I can include a couple of those.

Scenic Lake View.jpg
From the dam overlook

I recorded some rain video and it is nearly ready to be uploaded, but there are a couple of measures in the music where I overplayed the harpsichord part that need to be to cut out before I post it. Haven’t set aside time to do that, yet.

Wildflower w bug.jpg
Wildflower with bug beside the dam road

The Green Corn Moon was spectacular. If you were up around the Great Lakes you might have called it the Full Sturgeon Moon. It is also called the Full Red Moon in parts of the country with hazy August skies.

Jet Crosses Moon.jpg
Jet flies across the face of the moon

Speaking of red moons, there will be a blood moon eclipse on the night of September 27 -28. That moon will also be called the Harvest Moon.

It’s so exciting having so many moon events, it’s enough to drive one looney!

Today’s Video;

Good Time

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