Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Donation Requests

Real Or Scams?

Designated driver of the republican clown car

How can you tell?

If I receive a plea for money that uses scare tactics, “Thousands of people/animals/children will die or suffer if you don’t contribute to the cause”! That request goes straight to the trash.

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Kathern’s red roses

Campaign contributions 18 months before the elections is another waste of money.

If you care about the future of America you will vote for the party that will do the most for people and protect our country’s resources.

That party is the Democrats

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Wider than usual dough strips (tasty)

Democrats don’t need money to win; 65% of registered voters are Democrats. All we have to do is get everyone to vote and we can sweep every election.

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Ultra violet is part of the finish process on new viola

Besides, Republicans are going to continue voting anti-women, anti-poor people, anti-labor, anti-education, anti-non white people, anti-old people, anti-peace, anti-democracy, anti-social security, anti-Medicare and anti-anything they can’t personally profit from.

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Wednesday Treehouse sundown

Expecting to convert the adamantly ignorant right wing types to democracy and social justice as a result of clever TV and radio advertising is simply wasted money.

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Tonight’s dinner with tomatoes from Jackie’s garden

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Your Vote Does Matter

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