Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekend Update

At Least Friday and Saturday

Golden Umbrella Fountain.jpg
Gardens at Golden Umbrella

Friday began with songs for the people in the dining room following their morning exercise class at Golden Umbrella.

Fri Moon 3.jpg
The moon Friday night

Friday concluded with me taking moon pictures from the Treehouse parking lot. That’s convenient because my car is there and the big tripod is in the car.

Fresh Tomato Lasagna.jpg
Lasagna with fresh tomatoes. (iPhone 5c camera)

I almost forgot. I took a picture of Friday’s dinner with the iPhone 5c. I have been using the iPhone for food pictures lately. It is a lot simpler than the Lumix with post production on RW2 images. When it comes to a quick pic of pie or pasta, the iPhone pictures look good.

Sunglow Rose.jpg
Sunglow in new rose Saturday

Saturday morning included a trip to the Farmers Market behind the Civic Center. Margaret Miller joined me in the search for fresh local produce. I got some Troxell’s Big Red Orchard apples from their booth to make a pie.

Pretty Pink Rose Too 2.jpg
Pretty pink rose along the sidewalk

Margaret got tomatoes and eggplants at one of the many produce stalls. We located the sauerkraut stand that belongs to the son of a Treehouse neighbor. If I ever want to eat something that requires sauerkraut, I know where to get a jar of hand crafted gourmet quality kraut.

Light and Rosebud.jpg
Rosebud lit by afternoon sun

I watched some of the Pope’s many activities while visiting the United States. It is really convenient that on the internet we can see the Holy See, (live and recorded on video), with a click, keystroke or touch of a finger..

It’s the Pope Francis website where you can follow the Pope. I assure you, you will enjoy the website no matter how you feel about the Pontiff.

Red Rose In Bush.jpg
Beautiful red rose hiding in the bush

Tomorrow we have the Redding Rubber Ducky Derby in the afternoon, and in the evening, just after sunset, a total eclipse of the moon. Later, you may see some disappointed “Enders” who will notice after the eclipse that they didn’t float up to Heaven. Be kind to them.

Gently tell them; “Do not be discouraged”. “There will be plenty more End Of The World rapture predictions for years and years to come”.

Today’s Video;

Life Is Amazing

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