Saturday, September 19, 2015

What A World

Game Show Debates

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Lassen on Friday afternoon

In case you missed social studies or government classes in school, let me explain briefly how the political parties select their candidates; Delegates from both parties will be going to national conventions next year; Democrats July 25–28 and Republicans July 18–21, 2016.

That is where and when the parties decide who the candidates will be for the upcoming general election in November 2016.

A poppy, I think

The candidates you may or may not be voting for will not be selected by how the public reacts to TV game show style debates. Fox news and CNN do not represent reality. Perhaps the weirdly skewed republican reality, but not the reality of the American electorate.

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One ripe tomato

Who Ya Gonna Bomb?

Some news stories recently revealed that the leaders of IS, Al Qaeda, (and the leaders in “Terrorist” groups throughout the world), were trained and equipped by U. S. special forces.

I seriously doubt that cable news or most of the media are making that their big story.

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Glory’s on high

This information has been available since shortly after we invaded Iraq, but not front page news. Still, if you read the papers, (not just the Record Searchlight), you would have found THIS STORY last year in the Washington Post. Or THIS STORY from last Thursday’s Russian Insider.

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Butterfly takes a sip

Searching for the truth.

Speaking out against injustice.

Embracing more than one point of view.

Respecting all that is living or dead.

This is how I choose to live this life I have been given.

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