Saturday, September 5, 2015


With A Limited View

Tiny Butterfly  Purple Flower.jpg
Tiny butterfly - tiny purple flowers

When I first came to live at the Treehouse Senior Apartments, I was still carrying a load of physical and mental disruption from the recent past. I had spent the previous couple of years coming to terms with traumatic events and and self destructive habits.

Flame Flower.jpg
Flower aflame

Though that time was spent rebuilding my life and restoring an optimistic outlook, my perceptions remained somewhat limited; There were missing neural connections in my conceptualisation of the world around me but at the time I didn’t know it.

Monarch and purple flowers

As I woke up this morning, one of the thoughts that coalesced was about the roof above my head. Listening to the patter of little feet (likely a resident squirrel) I remembered at one time I thought that the roof on B building was a flat tarred surface.

Solitary, different light.jpg
Large solitary flower

That perception was there because I had viewed the Treehouse from Google’s overhead  satellite maps. The 2007 low resolution Google satellite camera caused the pitched roof to appear to be flat and dark. That became my view at the time.

Tiny Bit Of Flying Butter.jpg
Tiny bit of flying butter

Even though it was possible to look out my window and see the pitched roofs of the other buildings; Or, from the parking lot see the pitched and shingled roof of B building, I didn’t see it.

My senses were not operating at optimum efficiency; There were dead spaces in my logic, reasoning, and conceptualization of existence.

Dangling Dancer.jpg
Dangling dancing flower

After several years of intellectual and spiritual exercise, I have reconnected, resurrected, and reawakened my frontal lobes to about 80% of capacity, I think. 

So, with the exception of broken and badly damaged parts, I am physically healthy according to various medical practitioners.

Most assuredly, I have done some useful mending.

Before And After Purple.jpg
Before and after purple flower

I am able to perceive that my life is but one magical part of a big beautiful universe where the view is unlimited. That’s a good thing.

Gauchos On The Pampas.jpg
Glories in the pampas

All of today’s images are from my Friday (Sept. 4th) visit to the Arboretum. I find that is a great place to appreciate our connection to all of creation.

The following video is from an arboretum visit 3 years ago.

Today’s Video;

All Together Life Is Good

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