Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Sanity And Humanity

Dignity, Sanity and Humanity; These three things have been missing in our government ever since corporate infiltrators propelled Ronald Reagan into the Whitehouse.

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Moon Sunday

He was hired to play the part of president. The right wing industrial, military, financial neoliberal cadre wrote the script. The best publicists and advertising agencies money could buy were hired to make people believe Reagan was a good president.

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Coreopsis Orange

Reagan hit his marks, recited his lines and introduced bills and policies that allowed our national treasury to be pillaged while our military and industries ravaged and dismantled countries around the world. This theater of misdirection was conceived so a couple hundred rich men could rake in enormous profits.

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Moon Monday

They first tested Reagan as an anti-union, anti-education, anti-government governor in California and looted America’s largest state treasury beyond their wildest expectations. (We have finally begun recovering some of our losses thanks to Jerry Brown and California Democrats.)

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Large bee covered in pollen

The fallout from these treasonous warmongering, privatizing, criminals In the nation’s capital has turned the republican party into a bunch of greedy oafs, hootin’ and a hollerin’ in the hallowed halls of congress. They insult our president, insult world leaders, and insult the intelligence of learned people everywhere.

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We have a chance at the end of next year to get enough respectable and honorable Democrats into the house and senate to bring dignity, sanity and humanity back to America. We have 2 effective, experienced and hugely popular presidential candidates to head us into a future of promise: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

All we have to do is make sure everyone votes.

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