Sunday, September 13, 2015

You Do What?

I Watch TV Sports w/o Sound

That is my secret to enjoying “The Game” on TV. The mute button.

If I think there is something I see that needs an explanation, I turn the sound on. But, to enjoy the game?...I prefer not to have announcers talking about memorable moments and what kind of pie they ate on Thanksgiving while the game is going on.

I remember filming a 49er game at Candlestick when Jerry Rice was playing. (How I got the security guy and gal to let me film and for them to use my camera to show Chrissy and me watching the game is another story.)

When I wanted to watch football in the off season or get ready for opening day, I would watch that game I filmed (with some extra camera people) to remind me of how exciting and fun it really is to be there at the game.

Most of the colorful stuff with fans, players, and cheerleaders isn’t shown with TV coverage anymore. I suppose there’s no money being made by just showing all the fun people are having at the game.

All of which is why I turn off the annoying TV noise and listen to the cheers and sounds of the game with the most awesome realistic audio system ever made; My mind.

Cleats pounding, tearing turf, crunching dirt. The huff of hard breathing, shoulder pad rattling, thundering of powerful players running down the field. The roar of the crowd that sounds like what you would hear in the Roman Coliseum. The collective groan when a wide receiver drops a wide open touchdown pass.

Yeah, that’s what I like to hear. So, that is why I mute the announcers and turn on the sounds in my mind when I want to experience the excitement and thrill of professional Football.

If you have good memories of live games, try turning off the sound of announcers chatting while the game is on TV. The sounds you play in your head are far superior to the drone of TV sound and once you have learned to do that, you can imagine cheerleader routines during the commercial breaks, too.

Alright then, I will get back to watching the Raiders lose to the Bengals.

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