Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Good Life

Same As It Ever Was

HDTV monitor working again.

Last May, Apple released a software update that interfered with the display to HDMI function of my Macbook. I was not real happy about that since the reason I got the HDTV and laptop combination was to use the TV as a large monitor. I surfed the Apple forums and read that thousands of other Apple users were encountering the same problem.

I am happy to state that the latest software update has addressed the problem, and once again, I can watch HD movies and TV from the internet. Yay!

The Band at Johnny's

Photo credit - Sandi Taylor

It was fun playing at Johnny's Cathouse on Sunday as a 4 piece band. I had to step up my guitar playing a bit. We sounded full and dynamic after I turned up my amplifier, and a good time was had by all. We were asked to play there more often, and during this phase of our development, it seems like a good idea. I didn't record us, but I am happy to report that I am singing with much more power and tonal command since having my hernia repaired.
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Apple Cobbler
Claim Jumper Apple Cobbler. Yum.

Basic ingredients including glasses to read instructions.

For frozen dinners and desserts
, I am really enjoying the ones from Claim Jumper. With my back situation, I can no longer stand at the counter preparing home cooked meals, so I have been trying out the various frozen dinners. Marie Calendar, Michael Angelo's, and Claim Jumper seem to taste good and sit well in my belly. Banquet, Swanson and Hungryman dinners leave me feeling unsatisfied. The available frozen veggie dinners need some improvements, but by eating a bag of steamed vegetables once or twice a week, plus the organic breakfasts, I am feeling fairly healthy these days.

Martian Crater

Photo from the Mars Orbiter

Detail showing tracks from Mars Rover. NASA/JPL

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Shoo Fly Pie - Dinah Shore

Life Is Good

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