Friday, August 14, 2009

Lot's Of Stuff

Falling To Earth

A quick rendition of the meteor I saw.

You may have read
my description of the best ever meteor that I observed during the Perseid meteor showers, but I felt it was somewhat inadequate without an accompanying image, so I have made this little illustration to help with my description. The other meteors I saw were silver lines, drawn across the night sky. This one was pulsing with colorful exploding pieces as it entered the atmosphere in a path that was more directly toward where I stood. It was the best meteor I ever saw.

Playing with Light

Detail from magnified Iris image.

Yesterday, I was enjoying some of the pictures I have collected in albums, on-line, at my Picasa site. HERE. I have photos at Flicker, MySpace, Facebook, and even at the local newspaper website, but for real viewing pleasure, Picasa is the best. The detail is amazing with the magnifying feature, and the slide shows are easily controlled by the viewer.

Rainbow and rose detail

Poppies detail

Les Paul

1915 - 2009

He changed the way we record, hear, and play music.
In one of his last interviews he said he would like to be remembered as a guitar player.

In My E-Mail

The Shadow knows.


In soccer, you are not supposed to use your hands.

What a marvelous development email has turned out to be. We can share ideas, endearments, photos, art, music, video and news with people all around the world. One days worth of my email contains more information, art, music, news, and correspondence than a 19th century person encountered in a lifetime. (I don't get spam on my Gmail accounts.)

Pumpkin Cereal?

Breakfast with "Real" ingredients. 8/14/09

When I was growing up
we had Corn Flakes, Wheaties, Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat for breakfast when we had cereal. (Also shredded, puffed, and chex.) We were not offered the sugar coated kind, we covered ours with sugar ourselves, from the sugar bowl. Nevertheless, we were eating "Real" corn, wheat, oats, and rice.

To get "Real" food today is to buy organic, non-genetically modified products. Even then it can be a little tricky. Some "Organic" labeled brands are questionable. They might be pesticide free, but still made from Monsanto, genetically modified seeds. These products may look like food, but they don't contain the complete nutritional components that have sustained human life for 6,000,000 years. Genetically modified corn has brought Mexico's population up to the same level of diabetes and heart disease as the United States in less than 25 years!

I was raised on Kellogg's and General Mills cereals, but today their products are a recipe for an unhealthy future. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot HMO. I would recommend Natures Path products. You might enjoy reading about them at their website, HERE. Thanks to the internet, we can read stories like these, about people who have respect for the natural order of life on planet earth.

Sorry About That

Oops, I forgot that Blogger embeds can be tricky.

Some of you didn't get the video that I embedded in the last post. It's actually fun and entertaining. So, if you would like to see a black velvet portrait being made, very fast, out of crumbled Cheese Puffs, (For God's sake don't eat them!), then click, HERE.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
Vaya Con Dios - Les Paul and Mary Ford


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