Sunday, August 30, 2009

How It Looks To Me

Happy Phil Comments

"I love this place."

One of the many entertaining features of the internet, is reading the local Redding newspaper, HERE. Like every town in the U.S.A., there are crimes committed in which drugs and alcohol play a significant role. It's sad, but true, that these things happen, however, on-line people can comment on the story they have just read, and that's where the fun begins.

The comment section after a story is filled with people who will find a way to grind their axe, no matter what the story is about. They will rant and carry on that crimes are the direct result of;
  • The city council
  • Too few policemen
  • Stillwater Business Park
  • Parolees
  • Homeless
  • Meth Addicts
  • Turtle Bay
  • Obama
  • Liberals
  • Newcomers
  • Big League Dreams
  • Eco Terrorists
  • Mexican Mafia
  • All of the above, and then some.

I cant resist poking a little fun at their uptight diatribes. Here are a couple of my latest responses to the madness.

UPDATED: Man reportedly head-butts clerk, takes shoes

This is a story about a kid who head-butts a shoe store clerk and runs off with a pair of shoes. You would have thought Redding was now the crime capital of the nation to read the 50 or so posts that blamed everything from the Stillwater Business Park to Obama. One poster wanted to blame the city budget committee for cutting back the police department.

I figured I could help solve the, "crime".
HappyPhil writes:

Look for a kid with new shoes and a headache.

Police seek man who punched woman and took her purse

This one got people even more riled up. They were calling for a vigilante committee to drive out all the people who have moved to Redding from the cities, down south, bringing all this crime with them. The story is about a woman who reported that a man came up to her, punched her in the face, grabbed her purse and ran off with it. One poster even tried to blame the Sundial Bridge for the increased crime in Redding.

I had to say something;
HappyPhil writes:

Whoa, take it easy boys. Put away the rope.

One purse grab,(still under investigation), does not constitute the destruction of all we hold near and dear. No additional cops could have prevented this, unless one put himself in between the guys fist and her face at the exact right moment. Highly unlikely.

Use your heads, (Not for butting, of course).

Here Is A Video I Liked

If you would like to learn about Socialnomics

Astronomy Photo Contest

This, and many other images can be seen HERE

Image from Royal Observatory slide show, HERE

California Fire Season

Racing to the fire. AP photo

Looking west from Mt. Wilson Cam. 8/30/09

Great picture of Fire Fighting Aircraft. AP photo

It's the time of the year
for California wildfires. When my dad moved the family to southern California in 1955, we were told that certain areas of California had floods and mudslides in the rainy season, and fires in the dry season. Each year when peoples houses burned in the fire areas, my dad would remark on the stupidity of building in a fire prone area. Later I found out that many real estate salesmen would fail to mention that "this beautiful view lot" was in a fire or flood zone. Still, I would think that a buyer would research the history of what they were buying into. The burned areas become the mudslide areas when it rains.

Like Floridians who don't expect a hurricane, some Californians are still surprised by this seasonal event in their home state.

Today's Very Appropriate Song:

Wildfire - Michael Martin Murphey photo AP

All God's Creatures

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