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The Writing and Re-Writing Of


Inmates Playing Field Hockey

Prison farm 1939

I was visiting
the Library of Congress, on line, and listening to some old blues songs that were recorded by John and Ruby Lomax in 1939, when I ran across the above photograph depicting convicts at a prison farm. I figure they are playing field hockey with shovels and a tin can. It must be a rough game because the guy on the left has a knife on his belt.

The reason this caught my attention, was the staging of this photograph for historical records. I have been doing a lot of research into the subjects that I cover in this blog, and I am finding different versions of what I have been told was, "history". I enjoy the window that the internet gives me into history, through books, documents, pictures, paintings, drawings, songs and stories, I am discovering how and why the records have been manipulated for various reasons, in different ways, at different times.

John Belushi

Still frame capture from video and altered with Preview.

I was watching and listening to Soul Man as performed by the Blues Brothers, and I grabbed a frame of John Belushi that I thought captured the essence of his on stage character. With the help of Preview, I turned it into the image you see above. I love this stuff. The video is a great tribute to this dynamic and intense character. If you get a chance to read the book, "Wired", by Bob Woodward, it will give you further insight into John Belushi and the roles he played while he was still alive.


Organic Raisin Bran from Trader Joe's

I wrote about Raisin Bran
from Trader Joe's in this blog on July 10, 2009. (You can read it HERE, or you can type "Raisin Bran" in the search box.) I was somewhat skeptical about the ingredients being "Franken-Food" from Monsanto. There was no information as to whether they were real raisins, or genetically modified, patented, Monsanto laboratory designed raisins. So, what a delightful surprise when I looked on the shelf at Trader Joe's and saw they had replaced the fake raisin bran with Organic Raisin Bran clusters!

Right On The Box

Impressive list of organic ingredients.

I will attest that the raisins in this box stuck to my teeth, like real raisins should. I guess other people wanted real raisin bran from Trader Joe, too.

Shuttle and Lightning August 4

Lightning as shuttle rolls to pad.Credit: NASA/Justin Dernier.

Once again, I had an opportunity to alter a picture quickly, using Preview instead of Photoshop. I haven't used photoshop in over 5 years. It's just too time consuming for the things I do. If I were doing something that required using it every day, it might be worth all the time it takes to load and use. I still keep the program on the iMac, but I haven't any need to use it.

The original picture I got at was too dark for this little blog of mine, so I fixed it with Preview in about 15 seconds. Good stuff.


A patented product of Monsanto?

I have been researching and observing the methods and products that Monsanto has used to control our country, and the worlds food supply, for a couple of years now. You can read some of what i have found, HERE.

An interesting piece of my own history just came to light regarding that, World Conglomerate, and me.

Marian found a copy of my birth certificate in her safe deposit box, and mailed it to me last week. I took the time to actually read it, after 64 years of using it for various identification purposes. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was born during the time my dad was a research scientist for, MONSANTO!


Dad would
invent and develop products at companies like Monsanto, Dupont, Firestone, Johnson & Johnson,etc. He would have to give them the rights to his creations in exchange for the use of their laboratories and facilities. Isn't it be ironic that the company that now controls the worlds food supply, the company that I have been investigating, is the same company that paid for my birth. It boggles the mind.

When Disneyland was first open, dad took me to see the Monsanto House of the Future. We got into Disneyland for free, and were treated like V.I.P.'s, (V.I.P. was printed on our wristbands so there would be no mistake). We got our own personal tour of the park and the, "House", that was made out of the stuff that dad had invented when he worked for Monsanto.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Video;
Monsanto's House of the Future - Tomorrowland

Prioris diei discipulus est posterior.

The next day learns from the one before.

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