Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Portrait Of The King

Cheese Puffs and Velvet

Okay, I put a neat video in here somewhere.

I think it's still coming from You Tube.

It says it's doing something. I will let it go for a bit.

Meteor Showers
I saw the best meteor ever, tonight. It was a bright red, green and white, exploding ball that left a trail of debris and smoke puffs glowing behind it. I had my camera, but conditions were too hazy for good pictures, (Smoke from the forest fires). If I am still awake, I will go back out just before the dawn and take another look. Next year, maybe a trip to the desert, or a boat on Lake Siskiyou will provide better viewing and photo opportunities.

Democrat Facts Making
Republicans Feel Dumber

I actually heard Sean Hannity on the radio, telling his listeners that the; "Elitist, socialist, snob, democrats are, "talking down", to true Americans, just because we haven't read the health care plan. Well, we don't have to put up with their Democrat monarchy and insults, we will make our voices heard at the town hall meetings. America is angry and we want to let them know it." Etc.

So the willfully ignorant are proudly disrupting intelligent discourse to stop the educated, socialist, democrats from taking over our country? Curiouser and curiouser.

Let Them Eat Cake

Actual cake from email sent by Jo Anna.

Designer bag cake.

My favorite and most intricate work with icing.

I got an email from Jo Anna with a whole lot of artistically decorated cake pictures. These are my favorites. They are from Russia, (With love?), as I figured out from one that was a 20 year commemorative cake with both English and Russian writing. Not the kind of thing you are likely to get from Raley's or Safeway, but then we don't have too many people sewing on a hand cranked Singer.

Cake for those who didn't brush after eating many cakes.


CHP chopper over my head. 8/12/09

We have been cutting services here in Redding, just like any place that lost money during the 8 years of Republican rule, but there seems to be no shortage of dollars for the police helicopters. It seems strange from the economic point of view. If it costs $70,000 a day to fly those things around chasing guys who robbed $25 from the AM/PM store, and $78,000 a year for a trained police officer to chase a thief on foot, are we being too hasty in laying off our patrolmen? Maybe our city council could benefit by a course in economics at Shasta College.

I can understand the rescue helicopters, but the police chopper seems like poorly spent tax dollars.

Sometimes I really feel fortunate to be here in Redding.

More Smoke

Looking west from the Treehouse. 8/12/09

A careless smoker is in custody and high winds are fanning a fire burning over 1,200 acres of timber near the town of Lewiston at Trinity Dam road and Highway 299. It will be hard to see meteors tonight due to the shroud of smoke covering most of Redding.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Video;
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires - PSA

God's Green Earth

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