Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Got It

Snow Leopard

Happy Phil with new OS-X 10.6 Snow Leopard in box.

Today my package of magic and wonder from Apple arrived. It was actually here at the Treehouse at 11:30 AM, but I was brushing my teeth when the FedEx guy buzzed my apartment. He was gone before I even knew he had buzzed, and it wasn't until a couple of hours later that a neighbor let me know there was a tag from FedEx on the front door to building A with my name on it. Oh well, I had never driven into the Redding airport before, so the trip to FedEx to pick it up was educational and instructive, in case I ever pick someone up at the airport.

Grand Opening

Here at home, I released the leopard at 5:30 PM.

This new version
of OS-X is designed to make the most of the intel processor and the 64 bit platform.

Stalking the elusive Snow Leopard. 8/28/09

Backup Before Install

I use Time Machine and a Passport USB 250Gb HD

Getting ready to turn this cat loose in my MacBook.
Disk and instruction booklet.

I just love the way Apple does things. The instructions say to insert disk and click install.

Insert Disk

Oh boy, 21st century computing, here I come.

Last screen shot with the old OS-X.

Everything I have tried
so far, works faster, looks better, and has additional features that are really useful, fun, and convenient.

The Quicktime player
is now a recorder and editor. It will record what I am doing on this screen so I can make movies of how I do things. This will help me help others to learn some of the things that computers can do.

Screenshot of me playing with Quicktime.

There is one program that doesn't work any better with Snow Leopard, and that's the Safari browser. I recommend Firefox. It's a much better browser than Safari, and it works well with Google applications. Safari is cumbersome and difficult to use in Google Doc's, Maps, and Blogger. Maybe one of these days Apple will fix Safari, or create an all new browser, but in the meantime, Firefox is the way to go.

iPhoto is much, much,
faster importing from my camera and, like everything else, responds to keyboard and trackpad commands, with lightning like quickness. The pictures are sharper, the colors more vivid, and the detail is crisper.

I haven't had the time
to check out the other programs like iMovie, iWeb, GarageBand and a host of others that I use regularly, but after I do, you can be assured that I will report and demonstrate the results as I experience each one.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Video;

Baby Snow Leopards

Good Kitty

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