Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bigger and Bigger

Better And Better

Close up on star forming portion of 30 Doradus.

I just love the Hubble
web site. Every now and then I will see a picture from the Hubble in the news, and I am reminded to go to the HubbleSite to see really detailed, high definition pictures and videos. Like this one, HERE.

Philippine Volcano

Lava flows down the slopes of the Mayon volcano.

Philippine authorities
have said a large-scale eruption of the 2,464-meter (8,077-foot) peak is imminent, and have begun trying to evacuate about 50,000 people living around the nation's most active volcano.

See home videos
and pictures of the volcano HERE.

Treehouse Christmas

Happy Phil and the Treehouse Christmas tree. 12/15/09

The management
put on their annual Christmas party for the residents. It was very nice. We all got gift bags which included a scarf, a calendar, fruit, candy, and my favorite; A $20 Raley's gift card.

I wore one of my favorite shirts that Alan gave me about 7 or 8 years ago. It was made to last. I wear it often, and it still looks like new.

Sandi gave me the tie. It plays jingle bells if you squeeze the snowman's belly.

$1.15 Top Sirloin Medallion

I just happened to
stop in Safeway yesterday to get banana's and spring water. When I am there, I usually look in the meat department for something affordable and tasty. I know that the meat isn't from happy, wandering, grazing cows, but the Safeway meat is tasty and tender. I didn't find any bargains in the packaged display, so I took a peak in the butcher shop cooler. There were a bunch of round things that were on sale, (Club Card Members), and the nice young lady behind the counter wrapped up the one I chose. I knew it was on sale, but I was pleasantly surprised when I paid for my groceries.

Just the way I like it.

It had some stretchy
webbing around the outside, like a roast. It was delightful and tasty. Tonight I will eat some steam in the bag veggies as the second course. I have been eating one course at a time. It works for me. The results of my physical last month indicated that I have exceptionally good levels of stuff they check. It was embarrassing to listen to the Doctor say, "The normal range is between x and y, but your numbers are much better than that", on every result. I am extremely fortunate that my medical problems are only structural damages.

Anyway, I tend to eat different things each day and it seems to be the nutrition I need.

The Band

Rehearsing in John's Violin Shop. 12/16/09

Mark suggested
that we make ourselves available to some of the smaller, (quieter), places like dinner houses and small rooms. If we are just the 3 of us, we can be just the right size sound for coffee houses, wine tasting rooms, and restaurants.

It sounds like fun
. We will record a few sample songs in John's violin shop, tomorrow.

Speaking Of Recordings

The LMP Trio at Marians house. 12/09/09

I am almost finished
with the first round of editing and mixing the 24 songs that will be on the new LMP Trio CD. I have just a couple of spots to "clean up" on a couple of songs, and I will be able to burn a 1st mix CD to send to Leona and Marian so they can make suggestions for the order of the songs and the title song. In the meantime, here is another taste...

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Lady Of Spain by The Lmp Trio


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