Saturday, December 19, 2009

They Didn't See It Coming, Again.

Surprise Snowstorms

Clearing snow for Ravens vs. Bears game.

What is it about the east coast that erases the peoples minds each year? They are always surprised in Florida when they get their annual hurricanes, and what do people in Baltimore think that snow shovel in the garage is for? Oh well, it gives me a recurring topic for my blog.

It's going to be a fun football day, but apparently people don't remember that it snows each year in certain parts of these here United States. Even with the accelerated global temperature rise, it will be many years before Buffalo, New York can ever be considered a pleasant place to visit in the winter.

I imagine the Fox News guys
are using this storm to prove that global warming is a hoax. Hey, they get paid a lot of money to rant about things they have little intellectual capacity nor education to understand. You can get the facts HERE if you don't already know the hows and whys of the earths rising temperature.

Weaverville's Hot New Calendar

You can see more pages from the new calendar, HERE.

I enjoy visiting Weaverville. I have been visiting there over the past 40 years. They recently had a fire at the lumber mill that put a lot of people out of work. The sales of the calendars will help raise money to help them while the mill is repaired.

UFO’s Still Around

A Doug Bower-Dave Chorley crafted crop circle, 1976.

Almost as soon as crop circles became public knowledge, they attracted a gaggle of self-appointed experts. An efflorescence of mystical and magical thinking, scientific and pseudo-scientific research, conspiracy theories and general pandemonium broke out. The patterns stamped in fields were treated as a lens through which the initiated could witness the activity of earth energies and ancient spirits, the anguish of Mother Earth in the face of impending ecological doom, and evidence of secret weapons testing and, of course, aliens. Today, one of the more vigorously promoted ideas is that they are messages, buried in complex numerological codes, concerning a Great Change connected to the pre-Columbian Mayan calendar and due to occur in 2012.

Read more, HERE.

Prague Close Up

This is the best one of these panorama images that I have seen where you can explore by moving around and zooming on points of interest.
Try it, HERE.

Phil Close Up

I am continually amazed at the images that my little Sanyo delivers. The internet has lots of reviews on new digital cameras that have some features I would like to have at my disposal, and I am sometimes very tempted to get one with the 18x Optical zoom, or the 1080i video with stereo sound, but then I look at some of the wonderful images that this Sanyo has given me, and the consumer fever subsides.

I already have the audio equipment to produce better sound than any camera I could afford, and I have a 720p HD camcorder that works just fine for what I do. As for the super zoom lens? I have solved that by just physically getting closer to the subject. All in all, on the whole, my life is rich beyond measure.


Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Let It Snow - Dean Martin


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