Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet Serendipity

Great Day For Pictures

Waiting for the Mt. Shasta to appear. 12/22/09

I went up the road
from my place to the Shasta Dam overlook to take some pictures of the snow on Mt. Shasta. It was a beautiful day, and that is one of the spots where I get some good pictures. I met another photography buff when I arrived. He was just leaving, after waiting 45min. for the clouds to clear. He had just bought a super duper long lens that he hoped to try out. He showed it to me and it certainly looked like one could see people skiing on Shasta, if it weren't for the clouds, with that 450mm lens. We talked about how the view can change day to day, or hour to hour from that spot.

The illusive mountain peeks out from under it's veil of clouds.

After Nathan the photographer left, 2 couples from India arrived and were taking each other's pictures. I offered to take pictures of all 4 of them with their cameras. They were most appreciative and reciprocated by taking my picture with my camera, (above). They were on their way to stay the night in Dunsmuir. Among the things they planned to do was go to, "The place with the boat on the lake and the bus". I explained to them that they were only about 10 miles from that place called Shasta Caverns. I told them how much I enjoyed my visit there, (30 years ago!), and that it was a lot of fun.

I left soon after and went to Trader Joe's to stock up on vittles. The road there, (Hilltop Dr.), has a couple of photo spots that I use to take pictures of the river and Sundial bridge. Today I found another angle behind one of the apartment complexes along the road.

Highway 44 crossing the Sacramento river. 12/22/09

The gnomon of the Sundial bridge. 12/22/09

I came home,
put away the groceries and had a bowl of organic, Flax Plus, red berry crunch cereal with sliced banana and blueberries. I looked at the days pictures and decided to go back to the dam overlook to see if the clouds had lifted. The Shasta Ski Park cams showed sunny slopes when I checked on line, so chances were good.

Still cloudy over Shasta, (different scarf though).12/22/09

Picture of The Day

Mark and Rhonda toast her birthday at the overlook.

While taking more pictures
on this second visit to the dam, I happened to notice a couple sitting on the wall, way over on the west side of the parking lot. They were sillouetted against the setting sun and toasting with raised champagne glasses between them. I had to take that picture, but I wanted to get their permission first. I walked over, told them what a great picture they made, and asked if I might take a picture. They agreed and I snapped a few. Thanks for sharing your birthday moment.

I love the way life works
, if you let it. I was drawn to the Shasta dam viewpoint today, not so much to get a picture of Mount Shasta, but to share the magic of that spot with others.

Cool Ride

While I was up there, by the dam, I did some test shots at one of my favorite 'car picture' locations. Later, when I was looking at the pictures, I was reminded just how great the 1995 Buick is designed. My everlasting thanks to Marian. What a nice car.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Back In The Saddle Again - Gene Autry

Blessed and Appreciative

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