Friday, December 25, 2009

Northern California


Mt. Shasta from Hilltop Drive /I-5 overpass. 12/25/09

What A Glorious Day

Mt. Shasta from park just off Shasta View Drive. 12/25/09

It was around 70 degrees when I headed out into Christmas.

The sky was blue, the moon was visible, snow covered volcanic mountain peaks sparkled in the sunlight.

Moon Over Mount Lassen

People were testing out their new bicycles, cars, ultra-light aircraft, and sport shoes on this cheerful December day in Redding.

I had Christmas dinner with Stu and Sandi Taylor.

Prime Rib

Stuart Taylors Christmas Prime Rib. 12/25/09

It was a warm and wonderful day.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - Happy Phil

Peace On Earth

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