Friday, December 4, 2009

Far Fetched

More Fun With Music

Singing Phil - 11/3/09

We had a great time at Lulu's last Thursday.

Annie Bertucci
helped me sing, "Lovin' Feeling.

John was in good form.

It just gets better and better, each time Tony plays drums with us.

Mark began pumping the bass as soon as we got this train started, and we got from here to there, right on time without derailing or losing steam.

Jay took time out
from running the sound board to take a bunch of pictures with my Sanyo camera.

The pictures came out really good.
You can see them all, HERE.

Fetching Farr

Deep in the bowels of Mercy hospital, at the endoscopy department, is where I dropped off Richard Farr. That was around 9:30 this morning. He assured me that he would be done 45 minutes later. I gave them my phone number and went off to take care of a few things.
I went to the club to check on the latest crisis, then back to the hospital, where I inquired as to his whereabouts, and around noon, my phone still had not rung with a call from the people down in endoscopy.

I was feeling
the weakness that comes from hunger, and drove home to get some real food to eat. They have a cafeteria in the hospital, but that has 2 strikes against it.

1. Cafeteria “food”, is not likely to be genuinely nutritious.
2. Exposure to MRSA and Swine Flu isn’t attractive to me.

When I arrived home, my answering machine contained a message from Erma, the apartment manager. It seemed that the hospital had called her, and Richard was ready to be picked up. I mentioned that they had my number, but she said the hospital couldn’t seem to get the number to work.

I got back
to the hospital at 12:30. The ladies at the front desk looked up endoscopy for me to find out where Richard was. They said he wasn’t ready, yet. I told them I would be out front in the car, reading.

After finishing a chapter in the Robert Ludlum book I have in the car, (to read while waiting), I re-entered the hospital and approached the desk again. One of the two ladies asked; "Can I help you?". I replied that I was wondering if Richard Farr was lost in the bowels of the endoscopy department. Someone across the room laughed.

The lady at the desk said she would check. While she was checking, I talked to the other lady about books. She wondered if I would recommend a book for her to read. The other lady said he wasn't ready yet. I retreated to the car to read another chapter.

When I finished that chapter, I picked up one of my extra books from the back seat, put my laptop bag over my shoulder and went back in. I gave the book reader the book, the other lady called endoscopy once more. He was ready, but I would have to go down and sign him out. I said it wasn't a good idea for me to walk that far to sign out Mr. Farr. They offered to have someone wheel me down. I said, "okay". There weren't any volunteer pushers around just then, but if I took a seat, they would get one as soon as there was one.

I went over to a germ covered couch, pulled out my laptop, set it on my lap and began writing this, until a guy came up pushing a wheelchair. I got on board, put my laptop on my lap and continued writing. So now it's 1:30, I am riding in a chair with 2 square wheels, and I'm on my way to sign out Richard. He said he had been ready since before 11:00. He said they pronounced him healthy, and would I like to see his pictures. I declined.

I drove him
back to the Treehouse.

...and that's how long it took
to fetch Richard Farr.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
It's A Long Way To Tipperary


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