Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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More Is Great

Mount Lassen gets TZ1 photographed. 1/27/10

It was Shasta in the morning, and Lassen as the sun was setting. I took pictures of Lassen when I returned from playing songs with the band at John's violin shop. It looked good as it was being lit by the low angle of the sunlight.

I went inside to see how the pictures looked on my computer and they were great. I picked up the camera and tripod and went to the dumpster on the east side of building A. It is one of the good spots for Lassen pictures.

First A Wide Shot

Wide shot of moon and Mount Lassen from the dumpster.

While I was there,
I took close ups of the moon and Lassen to help demonstrate the power of the 10x zoom.

I also put these pictures in a Picasa web-album, HERE, should you wish to see them with greater resolution.

Lassen as evening shadows cross the valley below.

The State of The Union

President Barack Obama delivers 2010 address.

I liked what I heard.

If half of
what he proposed gets done, we will be doing great.

The republicans stubbornly continue to be slaves to their corporate masters.

It's all part of life
in these here United States.

Happy to be living in the U.S.A.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Living In The U.S.A. - Steve Miller

It Just Gets Better

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