Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's About Time

NFL Action

Image of Marian's TV taken with Lumix TZ1. 1/17/10

I am happy to find out that it isn't just me that feels like there is a lot of "not-playing-football" happening during NFL games lately. At first I thought it was just because the 49ers and Raiders have been playing so poorly that I might be losing interest, but it seems that someone took the time to find out what is actually happening during those 3 hour televised NFL football events.

I ran across a Science Talk
podcast quiz at Scientific, that dealt with action time during the 3 hour game. They sited a study from the Wall Street Journal;

"Analysis by the Wall Street Journal, finds that there’s only about 11 minutes of actual football action in a three hour telecast. Commercials take an hour. Replays take about about 17 minutes. That’s right, there’s more time on replays than on the actual plays. And 75 minutes is players…standing around."

Band-e-Amir National Park

Image from the Landsat-7 satellite. 10/22/02

Detail Using Hi-Res Image Zoom

Afghanistan from space.

How strange. This national park was established April 22, 2009, in the mountainous desert of central Afghanistan.

Check out the high resolution images of this and other earthly delights as seen from space, HERE.

Nano Drag Racer

Nano car with buckyball wheels.

It can go
0.014 millimeters (.0005 inches), per hour.

To watch the nanocar race,
you would need a
photoelectron microscope.

Diagram of photoelectron microscope.

Some of you may know I am fascinated by all things "Nano". You can read some of my previous blogs that include nano information, HERE.

Happy 90th Birthday

Marian next to table of pictures at La Strada, 1/17/10

My dear friend, mentor, inspiration, and piano player in the LMP Trio, successfully completed 90 trips around the sun last Sunday. Many of her friends and family came to La Strada restaurant for a birthday celebration luncheon.

I am honored to be a part of Marian's extraordinary world of friends.

Next month, Leona turns 90.

The LMP Trio

Leona, Marian, and Phil, (LMP), check our progress. 1/19/10

While I was in Richmond,
we did some more recording for our 15th CD.
It sounded good on the sound check.

At 64, I am just a "whipper snapper" in this band.

The "studio".

It's a wonderfully rainy day back here in Redding.
I was downtown a few minutes ago.
It was raining cats and dogs...
I almost stepped in a poodle.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Rainy Days and Mondays - Carpenters

Life Is Good

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