Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Thought I would Share This

Photogenic Day

On the gravel bank of the Sacramento river. 1/31/10

I went out and took some pictures with my new/used Lumix TZ1 and my regular Sanyo T1060. It was a nice day.

Railroad bridge reflecting on Buick. 1/31/10

See today's photos, HERE and HERE.

There were lots of people out enjoying the break from the rain on this last day of January, 2010.

Some of them can be seen
walking on the Sundial bridge.
Sundial bridge on the Sacramento river. 1/31/10

Cant see them?

I will just use the 10x optical zoom.

pictures shot from the same spot.


Just a wonderful day to remind me of how blessed I am to be able to appreciate the joy and beauty of God's glorious universe.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Put A little Love In Your Heart

It Feels Good To Smile

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