Sunday, January 3, 2010

How I Spent Saturday

Singing A Happy Song

Today, the Buick became a mobile recording studio.

Leather upholstered sound booth.

With Mount Lassen in the distance and the town of Redding stretched out below my rolling sound studio, it was an ideal place to sing. The interior of the Buick is acoustically right and nearly soundproof so I can sing loud and extraneous sounds are pretty much eliminated.

The sun shines through the January sky. 1/2/10

I wanted to do something special for Marian's 90th birthday.

She is my dear friend, the "M" in the LMP Trio, and Crissy's mother.

How about a CD on which I am singing a couple of songs we both like?

Last year I wrote Marian a birthday song, but this year I thought I would try something new. I discovered that I can get music tracks on line.

I downloaded a couple of tracks last night, and today I sang the vocal parts. What fun.

On the sunny side. 1/2/10

Here is the track with my vocal...

Sunny Side of The Street by Phil Seymour
Mixing was enjoyable and I like what I am hearing. I might have to try this again sometime. It was fun to sing in a different style with a couple of different bands, and the resulting CD for Marian is priceless. Life is good.

Singing Happy Songs

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