Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Far Will I Go

To Get The Picture?

Shasta Lake overlook.

This morning was the time to get a picture of Mount Shasta. I drove up to one of my favorite photo spots to capture Mount Shasta between the storms, and the window of opportunity was open with photogenic arms.

There were other people who came to see and photograph the volcano on this first clear morning in weeks, including a photographer from channel 7 news. I mentioned that this was my first opportunity to try out the 10x optical zoom, Leica lens on the camera I got two weeks ago just for this purpose. He seemed to know what I was talking about, and we happily went about trying to capture the magic and feel of what we were fortunate enough to be observing.

Mount Shasta at 10x optical zoom, 1/500 Not enhanced.

I tried two different basic camera settings; "Scenery", and "Snow".

One used 1/400 sec
, and the other 1/500.

I forgot to add the audio note to each picture that would remind me what setting it was which. Next time, maybe.

Setting up Mount Lassen photo shoot.

I put today's experiment on line, HERE, so you can view the pictures in better quality.

TZ1 wide angle.

TZ1 zoom. 1/400 sec (Photo adjusted w/ iPhoto editor)

The iPad Is Here

The iBook store on the iPad.

These guys are good! The new "does everything" device was unveiled today by Apple.

It's what most people need
to do the stuff they try to do with their computers.

This thing does it all with the touch of your fingertips.

This is what most people will soon be using instead of cumbersome computers.

You can hold this
and read the news with your morning coffee.

I know some people for whom this will be perfect.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Can See Clearly - Ray Charles


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