Sunday, January 10, 2010

Volcanoes, Fountain, and Earthquake

A Beautiful Combination

At the dam overlook.

While I was coming home from town on I-5, I could see that Mt. Shasta was being lit through the clouds. I drove on up I-5 to Shasta Dam Road and noticed they have a fountain for the city of Shasta Lake.

I stopped and took a few pictures of the fountain.

There are a whole bunch of pictures from this day, HERE.

Landscaping by the fountain.

My little Sanyo had trouble capturing the lenticular clouds.

Even Mount Lassen made an appearance above the fog.

What an interesting day.
There were wonderfully moody pictures everywhere.

3-D oak from Hilltop Drive.

I got back
from Trader Joe's around 4:30, and made some peaberry coffee.

I sat down with my Macbook on my lap and began editing the photos I had taken.

4:47 6.5 Rock and Roll

We don't feel a lot of earthquakes in Redding, so it was a real treat to have the apartment rumbling and shaking for 10 - 15 seconds at 4:37PM. When it stopped, I went out on the balcony to see if it was Mount Lassen. Nope, not Mount Shasta either. I turned on the TV.......nothing. I checked recent earthquakes on the internet and all the information was already up on the earthquake sites. I called some people to see if they felt it, too. Some did, some didn't.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Feel The Earth Move - Carole King

Did You Feel It?

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