Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Closer Look


John images. Sanyo (left), Lumix (right). 1/20/10

I brought both cameras to rehearsal at Johns violin shop today. We passed the Sanyo around and took pictures, then after a few songs, we passed the Lumix around so there would be comparative images.

John, Mark and Phil. Sanyo, (top). Lumix, (bottom).

I got the Lumix primarily
to improve my pictures of Mt. Shasta, and the moon. Since I got it, I haven't been able to see either. We have been having some welcome rain. I have discovered that it, the Lumix TZ1, has some desirable qualities indoors, too.

For Best Resolution...

The Sanyo T1060 photos
are HERE.
The Lumix TZ1 photos are HERE.

Acoustic Electric Juxtaposition

John at rehearsal. 1/20/10

Smiling Centerfold Wins
Scott Brown, is now a Senator from Massachusetts.

Serious Attorney General Loses

Martha Coakly, Massachusetts Attorney General

If you put a no-nonsense prosecutor up against a photogenic playboy in this day and age of people watching Fox "news" and "reality" TV shows, it's not too hard to guess who would be the winner. This latest election speaks volumes about the television watching voters, and overlooks the actual qualifications that used to be required of a United States Senator. The humorless, but qualified, lady didn't stand a chance. Scott Brown even has a daughter that was on American Idol. That alone would make him a shoo-in.

This is a
as you
see, if
Hello?........ Here's looking at you.

Garie and I
have been trying to get her webcam to do video chat with me on Google Chat for about a month to no avail. Last night I checked out Skype to see if that would do the job. Garie's daughter, Lea, helped her set up skype on her PC, and today we had a successful chat without typing and we had video too. It was fun, and it's free.

The Apple Tablet?

Artists rendition of possible Apple tablet.


That's when Steve Jobs
will present the new 'everything' device. I have been following this development closely. This could be the perfect thing for my friends who are stuck with their PC's sitting on a desk in one room.

Pictures, movies, books
, email, VIDEO CHAT, music, the internet, a phone, a camera that shows your pictures right there on a 10 - 11 inch screen. Virtual keyboards for typing or composing music, clock, calendar, news papers, (I was just reading about this in the Wall Street Journal on my Macbook), television, and more.

All these things
in a device you can carry with you and use anywhere, without wires.

No technical computer headaches. No big clunky boxes, wires, keyboards, mice. Just a flat little tablet designed by Apple, so you know it will "just work". Nothing to figure out, simply use it.

I look forward
to the reviews once it is released. ( Did I mention that there are applications you can get to monitor your health and keep track of your medical condition, appointments, medications, and vital statistics?)

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson

It's All Relative

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