Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peering Into

Deep Space

Regular readers of this blog know I can't resist great photographs, (okay, images), from the Hubble.

These are best viewed
at the Hubble Site.

These images, taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, are from mosaics taken in September and October 2009 with the newly installed Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) and in 2004 with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The views cover portions of the southern field of a large galaxy census called the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS), a deep-sky study by several observatories to trace the formation and evolution of galaxies.
Galaxies, far far away.

I Am Fortunate
I have someone in my life that could be called my mentor. She advises me. I take her advice. She is enlightened. She is going to be 90 years old, plays piano in two bands, goes to concerts, belongs to many organizations and attends their events, travels the world, and has a warm and personal relationship with her friends and family.

During my last visit, we were talking in her kitchen, about my experiences with communicating the simple truths as discovered by great philosophers. I have a tendency to expect that people have read the books I have, and have had enough life experiences to know the meaning of the words I use. She politely reminded me that not everyone has the intellectual capabilities that I do, and that I should try to share my knowledge in ways that more people can understand.

This reminds me of why, in 1975, I moved to Oregon. It was to live life like the "salt of the earth". The plan was to reduce my vocabulary and assimilate the local dialect. I also began an experiment in IQ reduction through alcohol and drug consumption. That experiment nearly killed me, but I can speak now without careful enunciation, and can lose the 'g' from 'ing' most of the time.

I have found that sharing an understanding of some basic text with study groups, is like deciphering a manuscript in a lost language. I have decided to try "painstakingly", one word at a time. This of course is compounded by the modifiers on either side of the word, and the subject, but one must start somewhere.

stresses diligent and assiduous attention to detail in achieving a desired objective: a painstaking technician; the painstaking editing of a manuscript.

Careful, meticulous
, thorough, assiduous, sedulous, attentive, diligent, industrious, conscientious, punctilious, scrupulous, rigorous, particular; pedantic, fussy.

So essentially, painstakingly=fastidiously?

Not exactly. But if one has seen, or heard, (highly unlikely in normal conversation), painstakingly or fastidiously, used contextually, in the course of reading books, periodicals, and blogs, it becomes helpful in discovering the meaning it is intended to convey in a particular sentence.

I am painstakingly trying
to explain to you the dilemma, (quandary, predicament, Catch-22, vicious circle, plight, mess, muddle; difficulty, problem, trouble, perplexity, confusion, conflict; informal no-win situation, fix, tight spot, tight corner, can of worms), I face when attempting to discuss the meaning of what I am trying to communicate to the those with a limited vocabulary. I will let you know how this works out.

I have recently received communiques
from old friends through the wonders of Facebook.

Whenever I do
video production, edit, or use a camera, I remember my adventures with Mims Wright at WLBT-TV (1967-1968). What a nice surprise to hear from him. We have much to talk about.

Whenever there is a lightning storm, I remember an afternoon on a hillside in Alpine, Texas with David Forchheimer. I think it was 1960. We were looking at cloud to cloud lightning and asking God to spell out words. It was great entertainment and I still find God and lightning to be awesome fun. What a nice surprise to hear from him. We have much to talk about.

Here at the dentist.

The band had a recording/rehearsal today that was abbreviated by me having a 3 o'clock appointment to have my teeth cleaned. I am here. In the chair. It's 3:25. We have yet to begin. Ah well, it gives me a chance to write, (they have WiFi), and check my stuff on the internet. John and Mark said they would wait at the shop until I returned. I left my guitar and recording stuff set up, so maybe we can get another song or two in the computer today.

It was good to play/rehearse today. We will likely play tomorrow night at Lulu's. I have had time here at the dentist to listen to what we recorded so far today, and it sounds pretty good, so far.

Because there is wireless internet here, I was able to play a YouTube video of the band from last year at the park. The staff here enjoyed it. I let them know I am in the middle of a recording session, and that the band is there waiting for my return. I guess I could suggest that I come back another time.

I rescheduled for Monday, but all was not lost. More of the staff got to see the band on YouTube and they want us to play at their Christmas party.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
I've Got News 4 U - The Phil Seymour Band

Life is Good

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