Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Really Like This Printer

It Works!

The wireless feature of the new printer is even more useful than I imagined.

I did several different projects today that required printing, but didn't need me to physically be tethered to the printer while I was creating the projects. That was so convenient.

I tidied up the graphics on the Coquette CD label from a comfortable seating position in the living room, where I was listening to the quality of one of the new 'professional grade' CD's that I had just burned. (It sounded great).

A graphics program
came with the printer, and though I might use it one day for a novelty CD, I prefer to use a full featured program with professional graphic design tools to create the CD artwork. I found a simple solution to placing good graphics on the template for the CD function of the new printer.

I could export the art I already have done in Pages, as a PDF to the desktop. Then I used the Grab application to copy the image and convert it to a PNG image that I then imported to the printable CD graphics program as a picture. Once it was there, I used the sizing handles to shape it in a way that fit the template.

The print command gave me a page that located the printer, presented some options for further editing and fiddling, (which, if I did my graphics correctly, I rarely fool with), and, once I pressed return, ('enter' on some machines), the Epson began printing on the CD that I had loaded earlier. By the time I got out of my chair and walked to the bedroom, ( where I keep the printer), the CD was already printed and waiting. I like that.

Mothers Day Cards, Too.

My friend,
and fellow musician, Bose, stopped by today to get a couple of my one of a kind, suitable for framing, cards to send to his Mom. He wanted to pick the pictures from recent images I had taken of roses.

I hooked up
the HDTV to the Macbook and we began wandering through the flowers. He found what he wanted, I opened Pages, brought up the greeting card template I had made, dropped the photo into the image placeholder, hit print, looked over the print page to be sure the settings were right, and sent the information to the printer in the other room. By the time he selected another flower, I went in to the bedroom and returned with his printed art. I scored, folded, got an envelope for it, and handed it to him while we talked about whether the mail would get to his Mom in time for Mothers Day. That was really cool.

Promo Material

I was gathering up some Mother's Day cards that I had already made, to take with me when I went out to the do some things around town. I realized that I might need an extra flyer to be with any cards I might display somewhere, so, while I gathered my things in the kitchen, I sent the info to the printer, got my wallet, keys, and other stuff, stopped by the printer and got the fresh flier on my way out the door. I really liked that.

I think I am
about ready to write my review of the Epson Artisan 710 for Best Buy, and, but, I have yet to use the copy, scan, or memory card functions, so I will hold off for a bit. The same goes for the on line media company I got the blank printable CD's from. I will wait and see how they hold up under heavy use, (Once Marian and Leona have copies for their cars and home stereo, they will play them nonstop). I am sending some today.

I'm so glad
I got involved with some projects that utilized some of the useful features of this new printer, today. I had planned on writing about the oil spill, the wayward communications satellite, and Karl Rove's scheduled visit to Redding, but this was a lot happier topic.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
A Day In The Life - Neil Young & Paul McCartney

Life Is Good

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