Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Was Invited

Out To Dinner

Sandi and Stuart consult the menu with care. 5/21/10

I was invited out to dinner on my birthday, by Stuart and Sandi Taylor.

I chose to try
the chiles relleno's, as usual. It is my favorite taste test for a first visit to a Mexican restaurant. I ordered two of them. No beans, no rice, just relleno's, thanks.

2 chiles relleno's. They were very good.

Birthday Flan

Remembering my wish after blowing out the candle.

The staff at the restaurant were very nice, and even sang a 'traditional' Mexican birthday song.

Thank you Stuart and Sandi, it was the best 65th birthday dinner I have ever had.

Because we were in California, we didn't have to show our papers when we left the Mexican restaurant.


Image from the Cassini spacecraft. (NASA) 5/21/10

Saturn's moon Rhea looms "over" a smaller and more distant Epimetheus against a striking background of planet and rings.

The two moons aren't actually close to each other. The view was obtained at a distance of approximately 1.2 million kilometers (746,000 miles) from Rhea and 1.6 million kilometers (994,000 miles) from Epimetheus.

See more images from the Cassini Equinox Mission, HERE.

Don't Forget Telesto

See a high resolution image HERE.

Saturn's moon Dione dwarfs the moon Telesto in this Cassini spacecraft image.

Dione (1,123 kilometers, or 698 miles across) is the third largest of Saturn's moons, and it dominates this view. Tiny Telesto (25 kilometers, or 16 miles across) can be seen below and to the left of Dione.

This view looks toward the anti-Saturn side of Dione. North on Dione is up. The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on March 4, 2010. The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 477,000 kilometers (296,000 miles) from Dione and at a Sun-Dione-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 72 degrees. Scale on Dione is 3 kilometers (2 miles) per pixel.

The Band

A little demo with Jeff playing drums.

The band has started to attract some gigs. This is good timing since most of these gigs are for the 4 piece version of the band, and we just recently found a drummer that I think will be just right for what we seem to do best.

June 5th we play at a resort, overlooking Shasta Lake. The Lakeshore Inn, near the town of Lakeview.

July 3rd we can be seen a Lake Redding Park for a Shasta Blues Society event.

July 31st will find us in the French Gulch Hotel.

June 7th we return to the shores of Shasta Lake at the Lakeshore Inn.

I have been updating the various sites where information about the band is posted. I am still using as a temporary website for the band, but I have started the process of moving the band stuff to it's own domain. This includes;

I will make a philseymourband website in the next couple of weeks. There were a couple of web hosting sites that I have been interested in trying out, so I am good to go, as soon as I decide how I want to design the site. Step by step. This is a lot of fun, and it has been coming together with a life of it's own.

That reminds me
, I had better put a couple of the songs with Jeff playing, on the MySpace place.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Sly And The Family Stone

On Time

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