Friday, May 14, 2010

Look Out Little Bird

Great Snakes Alive!

Tastes like chicken. (image - Google images)

Rat snakes living in fragmented forests are responsible for between 50 to 70 percent of bird-nest predation.

Rat snakes living in fragmented forests — created by development such as urban sprawl or agriculture — are dwelling in their dream environment. These snakes like to hang out around forest edges, which fragmented forests have more of, because it's easier for them to regulate their body temperatures. Story HERE.

I had read some statistics about hundreds of millions of birds being killed by domestic cats, but I didn't realize just how many birds are consumed by snakes.

While researching this observation, I found a wonderful website about birds. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. You can check it out, HERE.

Treehouse Flowers

Happy beetle on iris in Dorothy's garden.

Dorothy Digging

Dorothy at work, keeping her garden happy.

Another beautiful bloom in Dorothy's garden. 5/13/10

What A Difference

I took the above picture last week, just outside the dining room where we were having the Treehouse rummage sale. I took some pictures yesterday of the same flower, and it has matured and transformed. The bud has bloomed and the lavender princess is now a dowager.

Just in case you ever find yourself taking Fox News seriously, I have provided you with a 13 minute antidote to "right wing crazy" disease.
Jon Stewart's perfect impression of Glen Beck, HERE.

From The Blues Jam Last Year

Darrel on sax. Louis on Harmonica. One Thursday last year.

We have attracted
some great fans from the Shasta Blues Society. This picture, (from last summer by the looks of my hat), was given to me this Thursday night by a couple of our most enthusiastic supporters.

We had a great
time performing last night. Jeff played drums and Louise played keyboards with John, Mark and yours truly. I didn't record us, and I don't recall any cameras flashing, but next year, maybe someone will hand me a snapshot of the performance.

Jeff Brooks On V-Drums

Mark and Jeff in Mark's garage. 5/12/10

We rehearsed last Wednesday at Mark's house so we could use our own equipment, and so that we would have a chance to work on a couple of arrangements with Jeff. It was also a chance to hear how Jeff's new Roland V drums would sound with the band. They sounded very much like the real thing. Everybody in the band liked being able to turn them down with the volume knob. This will allow us to play at the appropriate volume in virtually any size venue, from the smallest coffee house to a fairgrounds arena.

Jeff likes playing
with the Phil Seymour band, and we feel good about his energy and talent. We are working up a collection of tunes for a July 3 Blues Society event at Lake Redding Park. John wants to be sure we put on a first class concert show, so the rehearsing has already begun. I really like the dedication, and talent of these guys in the band.

Lena Horne 1917 - 2010

Lena Horne.

A good biography, HERE.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Love Is Eternal

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