Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh Venus

Venus, If You Will

Venus, in the Friday 9:00PM sky. 5/7/10

I wanted
to get a picture of the bright object that I have been seeing shortly after sunset the past few evenings, because, to my naked eye, it seem to be multi colored, (like the dog star, Sirius was a couple of years ago). Thursday, I tried balancing the Lumix on the sill of the 2nd floor landing as I was returning from the Blues Society jam, but I didn't hold the camera steady enough. So, tonight I used a tripod and full 10x optical zoom to get the following image;

Image of Venus using LumixTZ1 10x optical zoom

the colors are the same that I would see, twinkling, each night when I looked at Venus in the western twilight. I had to consult a map, HERE, to be certain that the 'evening star' I was seeing, was in fact, Venus.

Nice Day

Mt. Lassen from the Cypress and Pine fountain. 5/7/10

I finally took
the time earlier in the day to stop and get a few pictures of Lassen from the fountain island at Cypress and Pine. I could see from the car, many times when I have driven by, that this would probably be a good place to point the camera at Lassen. It was.

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Treehouse Rummage Sale

Rose outside the rummage sale. 5/7/10

I stopped into our annual rummage sale to see if Dorothy would put a few of my, one of a kind, hand crafted, suitable for framing, Mother's Day cards on her table. She was happy to do so. As I left the community room, one of the ladies pointed out a small bush with lavender colored roses. I took a picture and went back to my apartment to make a new card.

Everywhere I looked there were more beautiful roses.

After I returned
with 3 new one of a kind, hand crafted, suitable for framing Mother's Day cards, I went out behind 'A' building to photograph some fresh blooms from Dorothy's garden.

I brought a couple of freshly printed cards down to the sale and, once again, as I left, there was another rose calling for a picture.

The 'hits' just kept on coming. 5/7/10

I had to go away from all the wonderful flowers around the Treehouse, and get a few things from around town. Guitar picks. I had tried Bernie's and Herried music stores with the desire to purchase more of my usual brand, and style of guitar picks, to no avail. Today, after I took the pictures of Lassen from the Pine and Cypress fountain island, I tried the other music store and got a reasonable facsimile made by Peavey. We shall see.

Phlower Photographer Phil

I was tempted to write a post about the necessity of supporting this wonderful country by paying taxes, but I decided not to confuse those who think the wonderful corporate money fairy will pay for America's infrastructure and services. I sure am glad I didn't write about that!

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks


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