Monday, May 3, 2010

Life Blossoms In The

Merry Month Of May

Along the Treehouse driveway. 5/3/10

Everywhere I look
, there are more flowers, birds, mountains, clouds, rivers, and other beautiful photos asking to be snapped. This has been quite a few days of photography for me. Just yesterday, I took around 400 pictures, of which only 310 were keepers.

Along the Treehouse driveway. 5/3/10

Today, when I went to check the mail, there were roses, fragrantly saying; "Over here. Take my picture. Look at me. I'm ready for my close-up".

New Printer

I got a report
from Marian that some of the LMP Trio Cd labels were wrinkled, and coming unglued. They weren't doing so well in slot loading CD players either.

Last week,
I started looking at printers that would print directly onto CD and DVD's. I narrowed the field to one that would serve my purposes, provided it was on sale when I was ready to purchase it.

I went to Office Max to get the Epson Artisan 710 today.

I had stopped
in the store last Thursday, and asked if they had one. They did. I asked if they had it on sale like Epson did on the internet. They didn't. I said maybe it would be on sale when I came back on Monday to buy it. They said it might be.

When I looked
on the internet, last night, sure enough, the Epson 710 was advertised as being on sale at Office Max. When I got to the store today, I asked if "Joe" was there, because he had been very helpful last week. He would not be in until later in the day, said the young man who heard my inquiry.

"In that case, would you like to sell me the Epson 710? Joe said you have one in stock in the back."

The young man led me over to a check out lane near the front of the store, stepped up to a couple of boxes in the corner, and with a flourish, produced the printer I desired.

"It's on sale for $129, isn't it?

"No", he said. "It's less than that." "It's on sale as a clearance item for $104."

Another feature
of this model that I though would be useful, is WiFi. I attempted to assign it to my wireless network, but the process was very un-Apple like, so after awhile, I simply plugged it into one of the Macbook's USB ports and started printing stuff.

It printed a detailed picture very nicely.

I examined it
with my "Artwork" glasses.

Of course the "real test" would be the printing on CD's. I picked a JVC professional white injet printable CD off the spindled stack and gave it a go...

Nice. No more wrinkled, peeling labels. My test worked on the first try. I like that. (Kids, don't do this at home. You should handle a CD by the edges only.)

Tomorrow I will check out the scanner/copier functions, and I will follow the directions a little more carefully to enable the WiFi function.

An auspicious start to one of my 12 favorite months.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Strolling Through The Park - Stanley Holloway

Life Is Good

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Happy Phil said...

Okay, I got the WiFi working.

As usual, the difficulty was with the operator, (me), and not the machine.

I forgot to use lower case for the WEP! Once I corrected my mistake, it worked just fine.