Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Fun Way To

Clean Up

This is fun, even if it is a commercial for glade.

I managed to get the place 30% clean in the allotted time.

I liked the music and sound effects.

You can give it a try, HERE

What A Day

Shasta 5/29/10

Lassen 5/29/10

Shasta Bally 5/29/10

I went out Saturday, to take some pictures of Redding views east, west, and north, to put in a little fun website I made earlier in the day. I have a photo page there that will just be pictures of these three mountains, taken at different times, so I can share this part of the beauty that surrounds me every day.

You can check out the website, HERE.


Shasta 5/30/10

Lassen 5/30/10

Shasta Bally 5/30/10

While At The Lake

Happy to be taking pictures at Lake Shasta. 5/30/10

There were many happy people enjoying the lake near the dam today. There are 365 miles of shoreline on Lake Shasta. The area by the dam is just a tiny part of this huge reservoir.

The dam with the water 2' from the crest. 5/30/10

A modern boat and gear. (Electronic fish finder, too.)

"Put on a hat and shirt, you're scaring the fish!"

Notice the hot tub on the top deck?

That hot tub would be nice under the stars.

I have been reading the local paper, (on line), and as usual, some people are partying themselves into jail, or worse. I know I don't have to remind any of you about driving drunk, or having people worry for hours because someone wandered off under the influence, but we might gently remind some of the people we know. (I'm not sure if good advice ever stopped me from disrupting many an occasion, but it certainly is worth a try)

Memorial Day started during the civil war.
Both the Union and the Confederacy began honoring lost soldiers before the war even ended, as war widows combed battlefields in search of their fallen relatives. Eventually, the flowers that mourners left at the graves across the nation merged with the May celebrations of freed slaves to form a national Memorial Day. The celebration of this holiday, which had gained an official designation on May 30, 1868, , began falling out of practice in the beginning of the 20th century, but then reentered popular practice during World War I. (Source)

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Midnight Hour - Wilson Pickett


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