Friday, June 4, 2010

Speaking Of Oil...

Oil Change

The Buick getting an oil change and lube. 6/4/10

I figured it was time to get the oil changed, so I stopped into the local oil change place, and asked the young woman behind the counter if it was okay to write about my visit to my local Jiffy Lube. She informed me that her name was Emily, and it was not Jiffy Lube, but that it was Auto Lube. Her reply and deportment showed me that there is an important distinction in the oil change business. That being said, I barely had time to take a picture, put it on here, and write the first sentence before the Buick was done.

I am not sure who's WiFi I was using there, (it was only listed as a linksys router), but the signal was strong and the speed was fast. So if you are ever on Lake Blvd needing an oil change and internet connection, you might try Auto Lube.

Getting The Red Out

Image after editing out the red. 6/4/10

One of the interesting qualities regarding digital cameras and the colors they capture, is the way the color brown is imaged, or more specifically, the way the color brown on a violin turns out in an image. I am discovering that the color red is over represented in various amounts, depending on the camera make, model, flash, natural light, angle of the camera, the camera settings, and surprisingly, what the photographer is thinking.

Image before editing out the red. 6/4/10

The edited image is closer to the actual color of that particular violin, but the depth of the color is reduced, whereas the unedited image is not the actual color of the instrument.

The experiments with light, angles, and influencing the arrangement of the electrons by thinking brown, continue. I also have some interesting tools in iWork that I have yet to try that might be helpful.

France From Space

Those are the Alps in the center of this photo taken from the International Space Station.

"What you think
at first is the Moon is actually moonlight reflecting off the water of the Ligurian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean between France and Italy. Corsica can be seen to the upper left. Also visible are Marseille (to the right), Lyons (at the bottom) and Torino in Italy to the left." Full story, HERE.

You Say Potato
Potato image from

Consider the potato: It’s heavy. It’s brown. It’s gnarly. It grows in the dirt. It’s hardly the most appealing food on earth.

Now consider the Pringle: It’s light. It’s golden. It’s crispy. And it comes in a can! A tremendous improvement on the earthbound spud, right? Except for one thing: Pringles aren’t potatoes.

In fact, they’re only 42 percent potato, which means that every time you pop a Pringle, what you’re mostly eating else. But what?

In fact, a single serving—just 14 chips—will grease up your innards with 11 grams of fat, as much as you’d get in a Burger King hamburger. And that’s exactly the problem with most chips: Food marketers have done to the potato and the ear of corn what British Petroleum did to the gulf: They took a great source of natural food, and covered it in oil. (Source)

Come See The Band

We will be playing tomorrow, Saturday the 5th at the Lakeshore Inn in Lakehead, on Lake Shasta from 8 - midnight. It should be a lot of fun. I hope to have some pictures and video of us playing to share with you. I know I will be taking many pictures of the beautiful setting and surrounding scenery.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;



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ThePhilSeymourBand said...

Lakeshore Inn canceled due to a lack of campers and guests. We have been calling as many people as we can and sending out tweets to save them the drive on this cloudy evening. We appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you at our next performance.
The Phil Seymour Band