Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Formulating A Repair Strategy,

I Stay Home

Strange plants make good pictures. 6/28/10

These things are interesting life forms. 6/26/10

I am cleaning out the car this morning in preparation for whatever solution awaits the transmission condition. It's strange what I keep in the car in case I need it. Evidently, some of the stuff hasn't been needed for years, and in the case of a spare tire, (or at least one of several flashlights I had stashed in various compartments), some things we keep handy, but we are glad they haven't been needed.

The center console tends to become a catchall for everything from receipts to used AA batteries. I had seven dollars and twelve cents in there. I put the stuff in a paper bag and brought it upstairs to sort through later. The center console now contains reading glasses, sun glasses, and a hair brush that doesn't work on my hair.

I organized
the glove box last summer, so it didn't accumulate too much extra stuff.

Sandi helped me tidy up the contents of the trunk a few months ago, so it's just a matter of bringing the stuff upstairs.

One of the
maintenance guys was kind enough to lift my amplifier out of the trunk and I have a little cart to pull it along to the elevator, so the heaviest item is out of the car and in the apartment. He kept saying; "You gotta have a roadie". I wonder if he was applying for the job?

The flowers hatch from pods. 6/28/10

So...now that the car is cleaned out, should I need to leave it somewhere to be repaired, I will have my stuff here at home in case I have to wear an extra sweater or something. Maybe I will create some sort of art work with the flashlight collection I have accumulated.

Mystical Gladiola

Light, shadow, depth of field, and color = Magic. 6/26/10

See more of these late June flowers, HERE.

I love this place.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
The LMP Trio


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