Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Go Back To What Works And...

Try Again

R Coronae Australis: A Cosmic Watercolour

Go HERE to see larger pictures and videos of R Coronae Australis

Great Friday

Mimosa on Alder street. 7/2/10

Today I had
the opportunity to enjoy using some of the gizmos I enjoy. There were pictures to be taking, music to be editing, and a new version of Google Docs to try out when writing for this blog.

Lassen was posing nicely today. 7/2/10

The Panasonic
Lumix TZ1 performed wonderfully for a variety of tasks and experiments in imaging.

The roses were great in the late afternoon sun. 7/2/10

The Macbook
and GarageBand made easy work of editing and compiling a CD of the songs recorded during Wednesday's rehearsal in Jeff's garage. I took a break from editing the LMP Trio CD for a day so that I can finish those mixes with fresh ears.

A crow watches me taking pictures of the flowers.

The New Version
I tried writing with the new Google Docs.

I like
trying the latest developments in computers and software, so when I saw a new screen for writing in Google Docs, I was ready to give it a test drive.

Happy to try new software...

After I wrote the first version of this blog with the new text editor and posted it twice, I realized how happy I am that the old version of Google Docs was still available. I chalked up the 4 hours I spent trying to make my style of editing work on the new version, as a reminder that not all new and improved products are actually improved, or particularly new. I wrote a letter to Google stating how happy I am that the old version is still available.

Hanging Out

The new viola visits with relatives. 7/2/10

The viola book
project is nearly to the concert stage, literally. I will take a few more pictures of the finished instrument using various backgrounds and lighting, then we will listen to a few violinists play it. The best combination of musician and this viola will then proceed to the theater where I will video a performance for the final chapter to "From Kindling To Concert Hall", the story of a John Harrison viola, an E-book for the iPad.

The Shasta Blues Society
stage dedication event, scheduled for July 3rd, has been canceled. The Phil Seymour Band is one of 3 bands who are not playing at Lake Redding on Saturday.

The Buick Le Sabre Ltd. goes into the transmission repair shop on Tuesday.

Mount Shasta catches the last rays of sunlight. 7/2/10

I wish everyone a warm and celebratory weekend.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Good Day Today by Phil Seymour

It's Good To Be Alive

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