Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Awakening Too

A New Day

A bug visits a pretty flower in Dorothy's garden. 7/26/10

I was noticing
the descriptive part of the Phil's Place title that refers to this blog as a Time Machine. I sometimes forget just what a powerful and time bending gift we were given with advent of words.

Good Morning

A guy from the fence company cuts pipe in the cool morning. 7/27/10

I wasn't
really planning on an early, (for me), start to this Tuesday, but everyone who had a machine that makes noise was using them bright and early. And who could blame them? This morning was the first cool, (70 degrees), morning we have had in weeks. So I am up and slowly moving about the apartment. I had a chance to open the windows and let in some replacement air. (That's the new name for fresh air that the HVAC industry has coined.)

The fresh, cool air felt good, flowing in through the open windows and sliding glass door, but the noise and fumes from the vehicles and equipment caused me to choose to close the portals in the interests of peace of mind, and respiratory well being.

Back To Yesterday

The hat that wont blow off. 7/26/10

There have
been some windy conditions around here, even when the temperatures exceed 100. I got this hat a few weeks ago, just for these windy occasions. It works. I didn't have to 'hold on to my hat', or chase it down the mountainside. The top is ventilated to help me keep a cool head in the hot sun.

Rose against the thunderhead. 7/26/10

The night before last, I wrote myself a note to remind myself of an illuminating discourse I was having with my ego and my id. The note simply reads; Acceptable Behavior.

I think it was referring to an observation of someone picking through the sand filled butt buckets, looking for something to smoke. The effect of cigarettes was so appealing, that they thought that picking up peoples discarded butts, and smoking them, was acceptable behavior.

I saw a kid all buffed up and tattooed in preparation for a future as a convict. Acceptable behavior for those who lack self esteem, education, and imagination.


Some of the majestic clouds that have been forming each afternoon. 7/26/10

The Phil Seymour Band
will be playing twice this week. I really hope to get some pictures and video.

Thursday, you can find us at The Vintage Wine Bar from 8 to 10 pm. We hope to make this a regular, once a month event.

we will be out at the French Gulch Hotel. We look forward to a fun time at the historic hotel. We start at 7:30. I have heard the food there is great. I  hope to give you a first hand review of the restaurant next week.

Frozen Dinner Review

Looks just like the picture on the box...ha ha. 7/26/10

Trader Joe's Stacked Eggplant Parmesan.

I liked it. I found that the flavors and ingredients reminded me more of lasagna, but it's a very tasty, easy to microwave, light meal.

As it is with most of Trader Joe's products, the ingredients are real, natural food items. The ricotta cheese was a nice touch, and the reason this dish reminded me of lasagna, (if instead of noodles you used slices of eggplant). For $3.29, I thought it was a bargain price for real food.

I have seen
, (and tasted), similarly named frozen items elsewhere, that cost less, but they were chemical compounds made to look like food. (In most mass produced highly processed frozen dinners, about the only thing close to being nutritious, and possibly digestible, by humans, would be the genetically modified, Monsanto copyrighted, vegetable looking stuff.)

It is comforting
to know that Trader Joe's food is mostly organic, and nearly always natural. I like it.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
It Is What It Is

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