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The Buick heads for the shop on Tuesday morning. (phone-cam)

I got a call
at 9:00 this morning, Wednesday, from the guy at Hartnell Transmission. He said that his jobs were a day behind as a result of the 4th of July, 4 day weekend, but "if we are lucky" the Buick might be finished Friday. That would be nice.


Fourth of July fireworks from my balcony. 7/4/10

I got some fun pictures of this years fireworks from the balcony of my apartment. You can see a bunch of them, HERE, if you like.

July Blooms

These strangely beautiful things are fun to photograph.

We still have a wonderful variety of roses in bloom.

To see these
, and 35 other July flower images, click HERE.

17th CD for LMP Trio

The artwork is nearly finished for our latest CD. 7/7/10

Of course I think this is the best LMP CD so far. I am particularly happy with the musical harmonic spectrum that is in the densely saturated digital tracks. The recording methods I used this time captured more of the tonal dynamics of each instrument, than previous sessions. All this, and not one clip or disturbing transient harmonic. The piano, sax, and guitar sound alive and lively.

I'm still not satisfied with my cover design, but I have an idea in mind. I'll see if I can find just the right photo of the three of us.


Sunflower on porch of Steve's apartment. 7/5/10

This image just had to be made. It has all the traditional sunflower picture elements. Dappling sunlight, old whitewashed wood, (w/ bolt, nut, and washer), and the beautiful yellow, gold, greens and brown of the happy sunflower. It is growing on Steve's porch, here at the Treehouse Senior Apartments. Steve is a retired baker, so every morning he sets out some cookies, brownies, cornbread, or something freshly baked. He puts plates full of these treats in the dining room for the early morning coffee crowd.

I had one of his cookies last year. I could taste that it was not made with all natural, real ingredients. The other folks here can have my share.

I have been searching for cookies made with real digestible ingredients, like butter, raw sugar, unbleached-stone-ground flour, organic eggs, etc. The closest I have come, so far, is frozen cookie dough balls from Trader Joe's.

T. J.'s Cookies

Trader Joe's chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. 7/6/10

I bought
a package of frozen balls of cookie dough at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago. The first time I baked 2 cookies. That was plenty. Last night I went overboard and baked 3. That was too many. Next month when I get a yearning for cookies, I will bake 1. That will be perfect.

I should have the Buick back by then, (this Friday if I am lucky), so next month would be the time to try and bake something (a cookie) in the trunk when it's 112 degrees outside.

Swiss Chard
Iron: -12%
Calcium: -40%
Vitamin A: -54%

Last year, I found a nutritional comparison chart of fruits and vegetables from 1950 and 2009. I didn't remember chard being on it, but chard is popular these days, so it's no surprise that it has been genetically tampered with for mass production. The comparative study has reappeared in a Mother Jones photo essay, HERE.

I just had chard last month at Marian's, and it was good. She cooks it just right. I guess if one gets organic chard, it probably is from the same genetic family as the chard of 1950.

After yesterdays photo walk around the Treehouse. 7/6/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Painting With The iPad

Life Is Beautiful

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George John said...

Enjoyed you Blog, flower pictures are superb! I would love you to make a You tube with you playing one of your instrumental or songs in the background using Picasa.

It may be too easy for you but you can put the complexities into the music. Maybe you can just do some random playing and record it while you are watching slide show.