Saturday, July 24, 2010

Changing Size Requires

Custom Fitting

Crepe Myrtle by the managers apartment at the Treehouse. 7/24/1o

The mystery blossom was correctly identified by Marian Sauer, who wrote;

"The pink one looks like crepe myrtle, the kind I had planted in memory of Chrissie at Rippling River.  That one is supposed to be purple, but so far it hasn't bloomed.  It probably needs a little fertilizer.  They come in many colors."

Marian also wondered
if I had identified the bug I found on the floor and 'imaged' with the macro setting on the Panasonic Lumix TZ1. The digital camera that found me through craigslist.
The answer is; Not yet.

In today's post
, I am trying out some of the New features in the Blogger editor. The template that I have been using for the past 2 years limited the width of images, (photo's and such), causing me to crop the pictures into a square, boxy shape. It altered the original compositions, but it provided a larger screen image. This new editor and template purports to provide a wider area of the page for images. We shall see. It will be nice if it does.

Width Experiment

Also we can see just where the text reaches, and that should help determine the width.

My estimates say this will work.

The other change
I am making with the appearance of this blog, is the font, ('typeface', for some of us old timers). I have resisted the san serif styles primarily because in a large body of text they slow down reading speed and interfere with meter and flow. I use a san serif typeface, (font), in the blog over at, (Example HERE).

I have been waiting
for Google Doc's or Blogger to offer Helvetica as a font choice, but they use the Microsoft imitation of Helvetica called Arial. If I were a graphic design purist, I would be offended by the very existence of this disproportionate ugly attempt to circumvent paying royalties for the use of Helvetica, but I am not a purist, and like CD's and MP3's have caused me to reassess how recorded music should sound, the constant barrage of printed material using Arial, has beaten my artistic senses into acceptance of this proportionately unbalanced copy of Helvetica.

In other words, I can make this blog look a bit more modern by using the available san serif font.

The other thing
is, I don't present pages and pages of text where a san serif font would cause eye fatigue.

'Arial' Replacing  'Georgia'

The new lily takes over. 7/24/10

For the sake
of continuity, I have given the lily's in this image, names; Georgia, (the old font), and Arial, (the new font).

Now to find out
just what this new blogger editor will do.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Change Is Inevitable

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